Forced Incest By Dad

Father teaches son and daughter how to have sex and forces them to fuck each other while he watches.

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Sickboy +26 points971 days ago

I wish my sister sucked my dick when I was that old. Reply Report

Indonesia +18 points970 days ago

They are Indonesian people. I am Indonesian. I know what they talk. This video is not about forced incest by dad, but they are caught by residents and record them. The most of Indonesian people are hypocrites and sanctimonious, they do not want to become an honest people about love porn. Their reason are always about children. Reply Report

precumdaddy +6 points970 days ago

this is hot, i want to eat her little pussy Reply Report

Creampie101 +3 points665 days ago

You know these guys took turns with that girl after she was done with the boy! I would take her home with me if I was one of those guys and pump as many loads of cum into her as I could then let her go home so her brother could use her sloppy pussy again. Reply Report

ja +1 points858 days ago

probably trying to turn his gay son straight Reply Report

raffo007   0 points584 days ago

im doing it dad Reply Report

xXx -2 points972 days ago

its like that in asia, really!! i was in phils, wow ...i did things. people are so corrupt. mom & dad, everybody need money... Reply Report

kaldr -3 points972 days ago

illegal imho think shes under age :/ Reply Report

angelo212 -6 points972 days ago

He ain't teaching zhit! He's getting his zhit off. Why would he have someone film it then? He's probable going to try and sell it. Reply Report

s -7 points887 days ago

sick should be removed Reply Report