Public Cum Face

Slut with no self-esteem walking though supermarket fully nude with fresh load of cum on her face.

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boring +24 points1306 days ago

Bitch needs to eat a sandwich Reply Report

asd +3 points1305 days ago

And you probally need to hit the treadmill Reply Report
The Ugly Truth

The Ugly Truth +5 points1305 days ago

...why is most of the weird sex stuff on this page (shit eating, pissing, public porn etc...) always German???? Reply Report

luis40 +3 points1306 days ago

my congratulations a this woman, is really very hot and superior femme . all girls should learn for this woman. the cum in your face is very hot Reply Report

ilovelindsey +3 points1306 days ago

shes so sexy! what a good girl i wish she was my gf! Reply Report

awscritch1 +2 points1305 days ago

Hold the damn camera steady i cant see her pussy!
Reply Report

Connoisseur +2 points1305 days ago

This would have been a great public cum walk if:
1) she didn't look like a skeleton
2) she didn't look like a skeleton
Reply Report

ben +1 points1306 days ago

Yeah this is german shopping Reply Report

Grooveme +1 points1305 days ago

It's a Store called "Kaufland" in good old Germany ;) and it's not allowed here either Reply Report

chickenking +1 points1305 days ago

its allowed as long as nobody feels disturbed Reply Report

hahahaha   0 points1304 days ago

I love how she almost walked down the up escalator LMAO
Reply Report

uneekg   0 points1306 days ago

Seriously what countries allow this where naked women walk down streets Reply Report
potent pervert

potent pervert   0 points1270 days ago

Very little if any hair on her cunt Reply Report

Dave8649   0 points392 days ago

I'd give an apartment placement in UK for a sub slut like that wanting to be used without any taboo by her master. Reply Report
where the grumpy old guy when you need him

where the grumpy old guy when you need him -1 points1305 days ago

Was kind of wishing a cameo from that grumpy old guy who once kicked the girl who was pissing next to a bus stop. This anorectic bitch is not even hot, even if she wasnt an anorectic bitch. Reply Report
bitch hunter

bitch hunter -4 points1305 days ago

ekelhafte drecksau...totschlagen das vieh! denkt keiner an kinder die das im Laden sehen könnten?!Abartig sowas Reply Report

chickenking +5 points1305 days ago

meine güte, du stellst dich an. und natürlich denkt man an kinder, immerhin hat die olle doch babysaft im gesicht kleben :D Reply Report

Gaddy -5 points1305 days ago

Fucking disgusting. You fuckers saying she's hot should switch off your computers and get out a little bit. Reply Report