Shooting Experiment

teen used as target for shooting experiment

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Tit fetish

Tit fetish +15 points1241 days ago

I get this all the time- she's very pretty in the face, but her tits aren't big enough... Reply Report

thisisagreatidea +11 points591 days ago

What a helpful young lady! If only all girls were so kind and thoughtful; I asked my niece if she would like to help me recreate this experiment and she said no. I told her that wasn't very polite or helpful and i slapped her about a bit and called her a slut. After that, of course she agreed to let me do it to her. She was a good girl really. Reply Report

Will +10 points1254 days ago

I wish he took longer.. she dies so sexy... Reply Report

bananahammock +2 points553 days ago

i love the pussy shots Reply Report

MScott   0 points251 days ago

This is so fake, bein shot in the belly just once or twice your knees are gonna buckle, and you'd be crying in pain, bein shot that many times she'd be limp and and screaming in pain, not just wimpering, please just kill me, also there would be a lot more blood, her lungs would b shot out, she'd be dead in seconds Reply Report

dead   0 points257 days ago

she was already shot in both the lungs 3 times, she must had died in 7 min at max. Reply Report

hsbhnjj -1 points435 days ago

stupidass bitch and that guy is full of idiot, he gon kill her with that , he said he gon let her go wtf, thats so wrong
Reply Report

Lance210 -1 points320 days ago

clearly fake Reply Report
im not crazy

im not crazy -3 points956 days ago

I dont know why i look this up but you people are fucked up. I understand the fascination with death but in a sexual way is a big fuck NO. I am not saying im addicted to death vids or shit but one can only get curious when the shits on the news alot. Reply Report

studebaker   0 points679 days ago

And yet you keep coming back. Hmm. Reply Report

Eyeroll +2 points942 days ago

Then don't watch, fuck. Reply Report