Extreme Brutal Bloody Tits Torture

Full video of the most brutal tits torture video. These boobs are tortured so much by being penetrated, tied, cut, pierced, and even shot with a nail gun - to the point where they end up bloody and completely ruined.

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robertone +30 points982 days ago

i bet she is a slut and she is being tortured for being one. Reply Report

Hadit +20 points387 days ago

This woman named Anita is totally masochist. She has been subjected for several years to more than 60 sessions of torture. In each session they have pierced her tits with all sorts of terrible objects: needles, staples, hooks, awls, nails, tacks ... She suffers and enjoys every torture, even torturing herself to feel more pain and get better orgasms. As a result of the torture, her breasts and nipples have been completely destroyed by a multitude of tears, holes and permanent scarring. But it seems that she does not mind having permanently shattered tits! Reply Report

ilovelindsey +17 points982 days ago

omg she is perfect! such a sexy pain whore! id love for us to torture her tits together. nothing sexier than a slut tourturing and skewering anf cutting her her own tits Reply Report

astonished +11 points981 days ago

I've seen so many videos of this girl's tits tortured that I wonder how they are still there! I mean the tits...
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SP +11 points967 days ago

I served for six years, there was no one I encountered during my time in the military with that kind of pain threshold. That doesn't deserve our respect, it deserves our awe. Reply Report

pokusitel +10 points966 days ago

She is really amaizing. I'm curious about when her tits will cut in deeply and when her tits will cut off. Reply Report

painfan +9 points863 days ago

Good.. well done.. She deserved it.. Love it how he keeps nailing her tits in this cool manner.. haha... love to see her face .. agony and pain.. most beautiful thing ever.. Most women look best when they are in pain.. Reply Report

guyl +6 points930 days ago

I love Anita. What a special woman! I wish to God I owned her. Reply Report

enslaveme1966 +4 points757 days ago

I LOVE her. Reply Report

Dirtydoc +4 points622 days ago

Love he tits covered with scars Reply Report

desade +3 points680 days ago

the only problem with this video is the person behind the camera!!!!! STOP FUCKING ZOOMING IN OUT IN OUT IN OUT IN OUT IN OUT IN OUT IN OUT and stop zooming in so fucking close asshole!!!!!!!! Reply Report

smally +3 points673 days ago

Fantastic Lady Reply Report

bullseth +2 points982 days ago

Shes hot, Any Volunteers? Reply Report

guest +2 points768 days ago

Her nipples are just scar tissue Reply Report

CvetteZ06 +2 points272 days ago

I have seen 5 tit torture videos all with this same woman. she must love the pain. Reply Report

CvetteZ06 +1 points272 days ago

Just watched one with the same chick and she shoved four long pins thru the fat part of her tits, did it to herself, she loves the pain. Would like to see her sucking a guy or getting fucked while she experiences the pain. Reply Report

FriskyBitterrooter +1 points408 days ago

Ill bet she is a slut also. However, never punish a slut. They are to be honored and used with great care. All men love sluts and the sluttier, skankier and nastier the better. We can't get our wives to do it so we need sluts in the world to take care of what our wives won't.
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ladybuglady   0 points2 days ago

beat the shit out of that fat slut! I'm sick of seeing fatties Reply Report

Disgusting   0 points540 days ago

What the fuck this is what humanity has come to? You sick ass motherfuckers can dislike my comment or anything but this is cruel, I don't care what anyone's excuse is this is terrible and if you like this shit, fuck you, you disgusting bastardized child, respect women not harm them Reply Report
Death the Kid

Death the Kid +6 points364 days ago

You idiot.
She ENJOYS it! She LOVES it! She even does it to HERSELF! You should look up some documentaries about basic facial expressions, than you might be able to talk like that. (눈_눈)
Besides, there are wayyy more disgusting people out there who deserve your hatered more than a woman who knows what she likes and lives it out..
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rubberguy   0 points464 days ago

what is the name of the model ??? Reply Report

Kinkydoc   0 points340 days ago

There is also a great video with Anita and Bianca experiencing severe tits torture! Anyway all Torture Galaxy are awesome! Reply Report

Steff   0 points85 days ago

Love to see that bitch in real live!!! Reply Report

urazson63   0 points166 days ago

tg2club  lover

tg2club lover   0 points119 days ago

mind blowing Reply Report

johndeep   0 points104 days ago

Where are all the sluts like this? Are there any around the DC area in the US? Reply Report
fuck this

fuck this -1 points314 days ago

this is fucked up Reply Report
Gay faggot

Gay faggot -1 points412 days ago

gay Reply Report

lliiilliiilliiill -1 points483 days ago

Reply Report
Death the Kid

Death the Kid +2 points364 days ago

You're a special kind of kid, aren't you?
You don't get breast cancer because you push needles, nails, etc. through them over and over again.. I bet you also belong to those people who think only women can get breast cancer... (눈_눈)
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FriskyBitterrooter +2 points408 days ago

No no. She is letting him do this to her. He is fantastic and has the greatest job ever. She lets men torture her body so that all men can see and enjoy what is done to her. Her tits are flesh bags for this man to use and see how much punishment they can endure. She participates in several of her videos and cuts her own tits very deeply. She is a pain whore and more women should be like her. Don't be a hater. Reply Report
All women are scum

All women are scum -3 points596 days ago

Honestly the best part of the internet is seeing all the fucked up shit done to women. Their bodies are basically expierments. What happens if I punch here, cut here, penetrate here. And, it's in their nature to just to accept it. Reply Report
Death the Kid

Death the Kid +7 points364 days ago

Meanwhile, a woman gave birth to you.... or you where just a "ass birth" from your dad,... which would make you a piece of shit. But besides that, your opinion on women is reason enough to call you that: you little piece of shit.
Do humanity a favor and remove yourself from the evolutionary line. ;)
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Roy66613 -3 points610 days ago

If u wanna be a boy there r easier ways that r much less painfull to lose ur tits Reply Report
Fuck this

Fuck this -4 points822 days ago

How could anyone get off to this? Reply Report

smally +2 points673 days ago

Very easy and very hard Reply Report

The_Hardy_boys -1 points575 days ago

I saw it was hard. So did all the other guys ;) Reply Report

wtf? -11 points957 days ago

What kind of sicko would enjoy having this done to her? And what kind of sicko would enjoy doing that to someone? Real sick people. Reply Report

semenlover -12 points966 days ago

What a bullshit video...all fake Reply Report

ThatOneChick   0 points143 days ago

Oh, no that is one hundred percent real. She's my idol. Reply Report

noname -29 points982 days ago

a country where law considers this to be legal is of no lesser evil than ISIS Reply Report
nice guy

nice guy +6 points427 days ago

USA where nipples are evil but torture isnt Reply Report
Death the Kid

Death the Kid +2 points364 days ago

@nice guy: haha, nice one. :D Reply Report

Painslut\'101 -1 points575 days ago

For deals, I get off to a sharp knife once in a while.
When I don't its not the same..
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The_Hardy_boys +1 points575 days ago

Oh don't you worry big boy. You'll love pain too once
I'm done with you
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bbbbb +15 points981 days ago

Huge difference here is that she is submitting to this for her own perverted, sadistic pleasure. I don't believe ISIS victims signed up for any of the barbarity being committed against them. Reply Report

JoJo +22 points982 days ago

Then why did you even watch it? You sir are a moron Reply Report