Sexual Abuse Of Retarded Woman

Dirty old man forces retarded woman into having sex with him.

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punkrock +68 points1436 days ago

she is deaf-mute, you idiots ! Reply Report
Captain Obvious

Captain Obvious +5 points765 days ago

So you're saying she's a deaf retard? Reply Report
Kent Urban

Kent Urban   0 points1035 days ago

How is she making the sounds if she's mute? Reply Report

sexystitch +1 points966 days ago

Beacause deaf mute means profoundly deaf not hard of hearling Reply Report

wildweazel -1 points963 days ago

She is hard of hearing. She is not mute nor profoundly deaf. She can hear some. The guy is talking to her and she understands it. She can also speak, hence not mute. Hard of hearing is why her voice sounds fucked. She's not retartded. Reply Report
Random Dude

Random Dude +30 points1345 days ago

This isn't porn. This is 2 people making love. Feelings were involved in this. I couldn't even fap to this. Its just beautiful. Reply Report

Puccycat   0 points200 days ago

@Random Dude right Reply Report

wildweazel +2 points963 days ago

certainly no one is being abused like the title says. Reply Report

fuckhead +14 points1436 days ago

A goodlooking death-mute wife is ideal. You can fuck her but she can not nag you the rest of the day about doing dishes or taking out the garbage. Reply Report

xelAppaR +6 points1436 days ago

Looks like their first time doing anal too? Looks like quite a loving relationship. My girl did not let me try that many times during our first anal adventure. Reply Report
University professor

University professor +5 points958 days ago

Studies have shown most women are retarded. Reply Report

Fuckyourrmom   0 points759 days ago

Studies show your a retard. Reply Report

Fuckyourrdad   0 points509 days ago

Spelling shows that you are derp. Reply Report

JackAssis +4 points1112 days ago

Making love to disabled chicks is a beautiful thing. Reply Report
the dane

the dane   0 points300 days ago

@JackAssis Reply Report

fuckslut200000 +3 points633 days ago

what's with the velociraptor sound at the end? yikes Reply Report

Belch +2 points1304 days ago

Based on her behavior and minimal knowledge of signing I'm pretty sure she's actually disabled Reply Report
Your mother

Your mother +2 points1068 days ago

WTF Reply Report

Heyyyyyyyyyyyyy +1 points1044 days ago

The queefing was so gross and I'm almost dead if she was just dead it seems like she would have wanted to face him during some of the positions and there's other reasons to think she isn't deaf. I think she's just fucking retarded Reply Report

fercho +1 points893 days ago

son argentinos o uruguayos Reply Report

JoshCube +1 points739 days ago

I was married to a woman who was partially retarded. I fucked the shit out of her every night. It was good shit. Reply Report

Sexykitten69   0 points22 days ago

@JoshCube you got to be kidding me Reply Report

ellabelledavis1 +1 points545 days ago

You got some good nasty shit dude! Reply Report

Ugottaproblem   0 points728 days ago

She is a mute retard slut and is his daughter Reply Report

D A   0 points349 days ago

Nothing new here. Fools here labeling are idiots. Look, this is nothing more than a man's daughter fulfilling her feminine mandate when his instinct leads him to relieve himself. Don't make it complex. Reply Report

Belch   0 points1304 days ago

Based on her behavior and minimal knowledge of signing I'm pretty sure she's actually disabled Reply Report

D A   0 points350 days ago

Labels, labels.... Then foolish debate exercised by idiots. Look, nobody is supposed to be perfect here. Beyond dispute, this is a dame who is merely fulfilling her feminine mandate. The man desires her ; so she submits. Fools try to make a simple instinct complex. Geesh. Reply Report

handicapman   0 points780 days ago

i liike see other Reply Report

lml   0 points33 days ago

She's just deaf, apparently. Reply Report

Bitch_dick   0 points66 days ago

All I’m saying is that I’d fuck a deaf mute retarded ass bitch any day I mean she’s mute so she can’t tell me no Reply Report
She\'s Not Deaf-Mute

She\'s Not Deaf-Mute   0 points840 days ago

deaf mute
noun: deaf mute; plural noun: deaf mutes
a person who is both deaf and unable to speak.
adjective: deaf mute
(of a person) both deaf and unable to speak.

She's making noise. That's attempting to speak, but because she's deaf, she's not good at it.
Reply Report

Fuckem   0 points118 days ago

Shes deaf not retarded Reply Report

James -1 points1384 days ago

That is completely fucked up. Reply Report
That Guy.

That Guy. -1 points1157 days ago

I like the part when he got it up her ass. He should have kept going with that. Reply Report
Quest alert

Quest alert -1 points657 days ago

Reply Report

SadistMan666 -6 points1051 days ago

What is this?? Man, why didnt you use that bitch properly? Fisting.. now that would have been something.. and maybe invite some guys over to fuck her good and make her pregnant. ;) Reply Report

alexandria76 -9 points1434 days ago

she keeps farding Reply Report
Damn :/

Damn :/ -11 points1438 days ago

She sounds Retarded... Reply Report

Non-Member +21 points1436 days ago

so do you Reply Report

deafy-mutey -11 points1436 days ago

"omph Arg ahhhh uh ügg !" I translate for u:

He think she tried to say: Pls Mr. give it harder to my ass
Reply Report

bender +2 points1436 days ago

Moron Reply Report

victor -14 points1435 days ago

nomal.. because women ıs very ugly.. Reply Report