Rape of a young student captured on CCTV camera

Fantastic realistic rape video

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Gupl +41 points1046 days ago

Mincraft rape Reply Report

God +10 points1034 days ago

Why can't we ever find a full version of this? Reply Report

Killary +9 points438 days ago

Blame ALL rape incidents to TRUMP. It is TRUMP's fault. Reply Report

achilles469 +4 points467 days ago

How many cctv have you seen with a microphone, especially in a old shitty asian building. And she didn't resist that much and it's convenient that there's nobody around....I call it fake.
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TSTAR +3 points562 days ago

i would have kicked this dudes ass
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Fake omg

Fake omg +2 points970 days ago

All of these vids are fake if some sick actually tried doing this don't u think that women would go crazy no of them even spoke it's jape see weirdo porn Reply Report

wow +4 points870 days ago

it was after hours and she was screaming, struggling, even tried to get away more than once but he clearly overpowered her Reply Report

nice +2 points870 days ago

the only fake part about this is while they are in a school, it's not a schoolgirl who's being violated its a teacher (see her briefcase, high heels, and lack of school uniform) Reply Report

Angel +1 points908 days ago

Do me Reply Report

joyousonex   0 points966 days ago

Nice try, but no cigar. His coat disappeared like magic. Still pretty good. Reply Report

dumbass +1 points870 days ago

his coat is at the bottom of the staircase, he clearly took it off but the tape skipped over it Reply Report

Luvscunt   0 points21 days ago

I don’t know, he was pretty rough with her. I liked how he got deep into her pussy there at the end, but would have liked to see him cum into that tight jap cunt. Reply Report
registered sex offender

registered sex offender -1 points969 days ago

Would take any money they had as a payment for my services. Damn lousy cunts. Reply Report

Mvp12345 -1 points83 days ago

You are a fucking disgusting piece of cow shit Reply Report