Several Guys Raping Teen Girl

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Scotum +16 points1169 days ago

Wow, I had that shitty dragon t-shirt when I was 11. Wherever that was shot truely is the arsehole of the planet. Reply Report

Creampie101 +8 points843 days ago

Now that's what I like to see. A cute young chick that knows what her pussy is for. She knew all the guys were horny and needed to cum so she just layed back and let them all take turns using her body as a cum receptacle. Hopefully when they got done with her she went home and showed her brothers and father what a good girl she was and pulls her cum soaked panties off and slides her cum filled pussy straight down onto her father's hard dick and lets him inject his load inside her then pulls off of her father's spent dick and walks over to her brother and slides right back down onto his cock riding him until he pumps his load deep inside her too and picks up her same panties and puts them back on her completely cum filled used up sperm receptacle and then she will be ready for her date that is outside waiting on her. Reply Report

-_- +12 points719 days ago

i hope you never reproduce.
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R_Jons +8 points1109 days ago

Real rape, huh? Looks like the local teen whore is willingly giving the football team some free pussy to me. Reply Report

P +5 points1168 days ago

From Thailand. Reply Report

Flaggged +2 points1059 days ago

This needs to be flagged Reply Report

Dirk   0 points962 days ago

Just some cheap prostitute who got maybe more then she bargained for. Not rape...I don't see the stupid bitch resisting much. The type of whore who would let a bunch a guys take turns on her ...that's all Reply Report
Kid rape

Kid rape   0 points457 days ago

Who else peeps the lil kid at the end Reply Report

Fuckthatass. -4 points855 days ago

5 guys fucked her 6 times. Guy in the yellow shirt didn't have a go but 2 guys fucked her twice. These small dick Asians can't get it right. If you're going to rape the bitch then rape her. Make her know she's had some cock. I'd flip her on her stomach and shove my 10 inches up her ass. Fuck her hard and after I cum move to her head. Grab her hair, lift her head, tell her if she bites she dies. Shove my cock in her mouth so she can suck me clean. Maybe keep sucking until I cum again and make her swallow. That's how to rape a bitch. Turn her asshole into a cunt and let her know the only thing she's good for is to satisfy a mans cock. If she wants to cum shove a vibrating dildo up her cunt and duct tape her pussy closed. Vibrating dildo up a pussy while you fuck a bitches ass. Try it. You'll be glad you did. Reply Report