Gang Rape Video

2 Terrified Japanese girls get gangbanged against their will in a dark garage by group of horny men.

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slutgirl +42 points1346 days ago

This might have been hot if it were not pixelated. Reply Report

jeffa13 +24 points1345 days ago

Lets see, we will film a violent hard core rape scene yet we must pixel out vagina. God forbid we show pussy it may offend some one. Great Logic. Reply Report
mayhem master

mayhem master +6 points824 days ago

Read up on some of the weird-ass censorship laws in Japan. You can do almost anything in video - even kill someone - as long as you don't show human genetalia...and Japan has some of the sickest pixelated porno on the planet. Look up tentacle porno. Go figure...Nippon gooks and their Bushido Code...really fucked up. Reply Report

cummastef +11 points1345 days ago

Right but they eat shit and not blur it out. Wtf. Reply Report

fixyoshitdude +6 points741 days ago

well yes.... it's all to do with the laws in japan. it's not the fault of the film makers or the actresses. Reply Report

SomeDude +18 points1325 days ago

Damn this is the best rape porn I have seen, looks so real. Too bad they blur. Reply Report

BT6336 +9 points1284 days ago

Guys, this is staged. If they raped these girls, they would have at least blurred their faces as well?! Why they blur their vaginas? It's part of the law in Japan. All legal porn are blurred down there. So that means this was done with the girls consent or the yakuza are trying to trick us that this video is legal! A ha! Reply Report
no shit

no shit +2 points837 days ago

dumbass Reply Report

Alpharius +14 points894 days ago

So, true story: First, the yakuza run a lot of the entertainment business in Japan, along with a lot of "talent" seeking agencies. Second, there is a growing trend being reported about models not being told the truth about their contracts and being signed up for porn they didn't intend to agree it. Third, a lot of the rights-protection laws in Japan for pornography are really sketchy. So, in theory, this video could be real rape and still "legal", because the girls signed a legal contract but didn't know what they were getting into.

(The pointy shoes on that one guy scream yanki to me.)
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... -1 points295 days ago

@Alpharius well even if that's true, people need to learn to read the small print Reply Report
Nawty safe wife 31

Nawty safe wife 31 +6 points621 days ago

Should of fucked her with more than 1 cock and reduced her screaming Reply Report

you +5 points1346 days ago

that was creepy is this for real? Reply Report

twawat -3 points1346 days ago

Its not real. They were throwing 'actor' hits at the girls. Also, you must be new here. Reply Report

ludacris +1 points1346 days ago

it looks so authentic it must be real fuck those guys Reply Report

Isnotrael +3 points1345 days ago

Yes, it's real! Lets put it on the internet and let the police find out who we are! Reply Report

cycrius -4 points1319 days ago

not just like their faces were covered and police checks this site at all Reply Report
Rodolfo Suárez

Rodolfo Suárez   0 points536 days ago

Cycrius lmao Reply Report

yah +6 points1346 days ago

i think this is real tbh. Reply Report

chnasgd +4 points848 days ago

As an Asian who gets immersed in daily Oriental cultivation for my whole life, i have to see, you Westerners are really clueless about the featured ambiguity rooted deeply beneath the Asian cultural lands. We blur, masquerade, and make up things, to satisfy related skateholders, without breaching regulations. Westerners sometimes could be really too simple and too naive, simply tagging the world black or white, evil or saint,wrong or right, and false or true. But millions of year's evolution in human history, from primitive to civilized, we should have transformed into a sophistication, by whcih we were able to stand out from other species, fight against the Pandora curses, and finally claimed the leadershiop to manage the Earth, even how physically inferior and fragile we are to other mammals.But we've got this sophistication which empowers us by exponent. Thus, we fertilized out a land in grey color, u can't simply differentiate right from wrong, authentic from forged, therefore, a smiling face every morning u greet to, might be tearing inside; A lie that hurted u, might was made up to protect u; An April Fool's loving u, might be a true love oath; and A Valentine's rose might be a cover for a cheating betrayal. This indirect sophistication (grey land) is compromising to meet different people's need, and here in this vedio clip, it was applied by the director and actors to create a disguise to satisfy those kinky fetish followers (black), without crossing the legal line(white). Reply Report

Tiff1223 +4 points646 days ago

At least they brushed her teeth 9:33 Reply Report

lin_yisen +2 points1048 days ago

hehehhe these vids start good but always fail goin on Reply Report

FZ +2 points650 days ago

very nice - should have made them cleanup each other's creampie ;-p Reply Report

Stop +1 points899 days ago

This is so sick.. Reply Report

darkidark +1 points829 days ago

Das Geschrei ist ja unerträglich, alles Fake warum dann so grell schreien ? Reply Report
Fake af tbh

Fake af tbh +1 points719 days ago

If it's pixelated its fake. Reply Report
Smith J

Smith J +1 points473 days ago

fuck every hole
so she wont be able to yell anymore
Reply Report

Poe +1 points23 days ago

This is EZD-218

Working Women Hunting 3: Dental Hygienists

It is staged, if it wasn't obvious. Rough film, but they are regular JAV actresses.
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Srry +1 points348 days ago

Man this is disgusting but i still jack off to it. I hope this isnt real. I hope the women are both ok. If you dont have empathy for them youre a douche Reply Report

Gayretard +1 points341 days ago

Nice! Reply Report

nocrying +1 points312 days ago

omfg SHUT UPPPPPPPPP!!!!!!!! Reply Report

sad   0 points1020 days ago

cruel arrest girl and abuse , kill , so cruel Reply Report

whatttt   0 points1334 days ago

this is so real what the actual fuck
they're crying and screaming and theyre not enjoying any of this one bit
this is really fucked
Reply Report

tsunami8 +6 points1283 days ago

That's sweat... Reply Report

newser   0 points598 days ago

It is real. Look up Bakky and see what's written about it. The guy was sentenced to prison for 18 years. Reply Report
john mchardy

john mchardy   0 points713 days ago

...real...loved it Reply Report

learn   0 points291 days ago

bbakky is a japanese av company that actually raped porn star. All the member of the company was sentenced for 15 yr and she is not acting in this film. Reply Report

Jacob216   0 points287 days ago

the girls are desperately trying to get away and those screams... no way its fake. this is a criminal act and crosses the line Reply Report

tsunami8   0 points281 days ago

If anyone wants to view the full version (it's more of a continuation than a full version) of the second girl who was off camera in this one, just look up "Japanese Slut Humiliated and Gangraped. It's on motherless. Reply Report

HardPong   0 points201 days ago

Reply Report
bastard 26

bastard 26 +1 points86 days ago

why not if no further use for them Reply Report
I hate myself for liking this

I hate myself for liking this   0 points63 days ago

as a Japanese girl living in Tokyo, I think this is real rape my dudes. I still am into it and it sucks but what can ya do. Also: to those saying it's fake. The pixels are a good indicator that it was "professionally filmed" however the laws in Japan, especially in the pornography and sex work industry, are incredibly lax. Child pornography wasn't fully illegal until around 2014. You can fact check me it's true. Not to mention that a form of it still runs rampant. These girls could genuinely be victims of rape and it would be impossible to pass any legal action because they were unfortunate enough to be running with the wrong group. Japanse Actresses are not that good my dudes. Any Drama would tell you. Even Porn. The acting is always very over the top, shown to be an act. This was way too real to just be another porn shoot. I was skeptical because the girls had matching lingerie but there is too much evidence for this to just be... Fake Reply Report

Bananahahsk   0 points136 days ago

Reply Report
bastrad 47

bastrad 47   0 points86 days ago

great wonderful to see men take what is theres Reply Report

Idiots -1 points1283 days ago

If this were real, then she wouldn't be opening her mouth so easily. Reply Report

MonkeyIdiot -2 points753 days ago

japs sure know how to make rape porns just like nankin lol Reply Report

HathaFlash -2 points772 days ago

Where i can find the full video ? Reply Report

mosterouse -4 points604 days ago

This is definitely real, i hope the guys who did this go to jail for the rest of their lives, but i can't stop watching, ;( Reply Report

mike -4 points1233 days ago

they slap so wimpy they might actually get a fly to laugh at them for being so wimpy Reply Report

gabiltroy -5 points1282 days ago

Just some guys having a little fun. The girls should get a good ass whipping after, for participating, whether or not they were doing it willingly, (I don't think they were acting) Any way they should get an ass whipping just for getting raped. They're just girls, who cares if they liked it or not. I'll bet it was fun for those guy's! Reply Report

Die9876 +8 points348 days ago

@gabiltroy i hope you die Reply Report

Corvy -6 points1345 days ago

Rape, its like saying hello in japan. Reply Report

  0 points530 days ago

いいえあなたは間違っていて、あなたが再び面白い推測だったと思ったら Reply Report
a girl

a girl -8 points1327 days ago

This should be deleted. I almost know for certain this is real and if not it will be a really bad influence Reply Report

tsunami8 +15 points1283 days ago

You're on a porn site. That alone is a "bad influence". Reply Report

genius +2 points1314 days ago

if its real why would blur the pussy Reply Report

Thespian -9 points1345 days ago

They're just really committed actresses. Reply Report

manatee -9 points1345 days ago

good acting/if real i wouldnt watch/i prefer watching erotic fucking and what happened to the better looking girl?at least they didnt blur her bum/they are so differenyt then us/when a girl is laying flat and your on her back /we fuck her in her bum not her cunt/he did it in her cunt/bummer Reply Report

....... -10 points1338 days ago

this lady say no!
did these jerks hear that?
Reply Report

...... -12 points1332 days ago

This was totally fucked. How do you report videos on this site? Because not one part of me believes that this was a porn but instead an actual rape scene. This was fucked. This was more a snuff film than anything Reply Report