Asian Gets Pussy Blown Dry

Bound Asian chick experiences first-hand what it feels like to have her pussy dried thoroughly with a leaf blower. The air pressure is so strong it makes her pussy dance!

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Cagla Ulubay

Cagla Ulubay +16 points1012 days ago

Wow, I dream of that! Reply Report

wow +4 points1010 days ago

good Idea but would've been better if they put the blower in there Reply Report

pleaserino +3 points1006 days ago

Gonna need some source on this? Reply Report

SafetyAdmin +2 points399 days ago

For the people wondering why they didn't insert it into her vagina: forcing air inside a vagina can literally cause it and surrounding organs to collapse in on themselves. Even just a partner's mouth blowing into a vagina can cause injury, so this sort of strength would've almost certainly killed her. Sorry to ruin the fantasy, but safety first. xx Reply Report

explorer +2 points1011 days ago

Lol, what a great idea. And no pixelation! THAT's a plus all on itself. - Now if they'd worked a little bit more with the ideas that follow naturally, they could've tried what it feels like to have the blow dryer (almost) inside, just enough to open it deeper and allow the viewer to see a little more. But hey, it's awesome the way it is - just short, that's all. Reply Report

HornyHorny   0 points435 days ago

What is her name? Reply Report