Gunshot Babes Snuff Compilation

Amazing collection of hot babes getting shot. The compilation features over 15 hotties snuff killed by gunshot in their bellies and boobs.

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beedee241 +9 points1498 days ago

Lot of lovelies! Reply Report
Jhalak singhla

Jhalak singhla +4 points433 days ago

Those two girls who get shot in slow motion are so sexy.. Reply Report

Tits +2 points1489 days ago

I'd like them to have bigger tits, but the bitches with big tits won't do this type of porn, so I'll take this video and leave it at that. Reply Report

mario-sun11 +1 points270 days ago

asta la vista baby
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xmostafa   0 points1498 days ago

One question plz this moves has a realy life or its fake moves for fun? Plz say me about .
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May TMH Ahayah Bless they souls

May TMH Ahayah Bless they souls   0 points1309 days ago

y they didn't fight back! Reply Report
Because they got shot, dumbass

Because they got shot, dumbass -2 points946 days ago

Lol Reply Report

Hangerman   0 points339 days ago

Lots of realistic gunshots. Good to see the beautiful girls with their tits peppered with gunshots and blood flowing down their naked bodies. Reply Report

mario-sun11   0 points269 days ago

dont be selfish
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Fake... -1 points1497 days ago

That acting though... On some of them you can tell its definitely fake, besides if this was real then it wouldn't be here. Can you imagine if this was real? Heavy-R would be in big shit. Reply Report

coment -1 points1343 days ago

what is with the second girl in the last schene? Reply Report

hi -1 points1498 days ago

paintball for life Reply Report

bergdo -1 points1498 days ago

bastards Reply Report

hubba -1 points1482 days ago

chicks friend at the end oh dearie me Reply Report

jim -1 points1427 days ago

all the ladies are drop dead gorgeous,fantastic bodies. Reply Report

goovooer -1 points1331 days ago

Nice paintball gun. Reply Report

daniyyella -1 points952 days ago

BEAUTIFUL!!!!! Reply Report

raper32 -1 points204 days ago

i love having women making that last breath aound and their pain grunts it gives me joy Reply Report

ace6879 -2 points1478 days ago

who is the hot blonde in the second and third scenes, plus Misty Mundae and friend from what movie? skinny chick shot in stomach then chest and she flies back is fron the early 2000's. never seen the extended clip. Reply Report

ogrr -2 points1341 days ago

Would love too know the names of the movies these clips come from Reply Report

Nicol -2 points417 days ago

Hi guys
Add me on instagram on : nicol_877
We can chat about how you gonna be killing me
I love to stand naked in front of guns
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hangerman -2 points333 days ago

@Nicol I love naked girls being shot
Let's have a chat. How about arrows in yor tits and belly or bullets. Love to hear from you about your killing. ;-)
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eettgdds -2 points924 days ago

cut actings Reply Report

azazel666 -2 points561 days ago

Yes, pop that dirty Jezebel Bitch. She was cheating on you anyway. Reply Report

donald -8 points1498 days ago

this ssucks, this should be band! Reply Report