Unbearable To Watch Cock Ball Torture

It's like stomping the grapes. OUCH!

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Foot Lover

Foot Lover +6 points1567 days ago

As long as it's feet I don't even mind. Reply Report

hornblower +4 points1567 days ago

Hope he never decides he'd like to have children. His balls must be smashed for life. Reply Report

eevan +2 points545 days ago

bare feet is best Reply Report

ED! +1 points1326 days ago

Gee, this is the reason some men have erectile dysfunction. Reply Report

Jan69 +1 points481 days ago

Yes, please Reply Report

Benuk   0 points1369 days ago

She can crush my balls anytime Reply Report

asterion   0 points478 days ago

Crush those fucking balls! Reply Report

Benuk -1 points1427 days ago

Love this woman. Wish I was under anikacbt's heels Reply Report

martina -2 points1567 days ago

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Reply Report

mistressx -4 points1566 days ago

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menstrual blood swallower

menstrual blood swallower -1 points1521 days ago

I would love to be your toilet slave Reply Report
This is porn?

This is porn? -8 points1516 days ago

If this is porn, I hate it. CBT is disgusting bullshit! it's not sex or sexual gratification, it's insanity. Who's crazier the idiot fool guy signing up for this shit, or the sadistic psychopathic idiot fool women inflicting the torture! They both belong in a mental hospital for the rest of their lives. Reply Report

ABSOLUTELY DISGUSTING! -8 points1326 days ago

This is not porn! This is assault and battery and armed criminal action (the shoes are dangerous instruments). The participants should be incarcerated or hospitalized, maybe fill out the probate forms for an indefinite, involuntary, civil commitment to a mental ward (for the rest of their natural born lives), as they're both a harm, threat, and risk to themselves and to others. The porn production company that produced this should be sued into bankruptcy, and the CEO or owner should be incarcerated. SICKENING! Reply Report

Jan69   0 points481 days ago

Idiot. Consenting adults.
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Jan69 kys

Jan69 kys +1 points45 days ago

@Jan69 you must be fucking depressed! you sound like you have aids and autism, thats why you women don't like you, you anti-social faggot Reply Report

cbt -9 points1567 days ago

it's obviously a fake dick Reply Report