Messy Scat And Vomit Compilation

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xtreme +9 points1194 days ago

foot sniffing, scat smearing and puke eating are the best proof of woman supremacy for mistress-slave role player Reply Report

Princess +4 points1203 days ago

I wish daddy let me do this to him >:) Reply Report
The REAL American Idiot

The REAL American Idiot +1 points1196 days ago

Princess, I would consume all your bodily fluids! You could even puke all over me if you like? I also have a big hard cock for you. :) Reply Report

tigrik +1 points1201 days ago

u can do this with me if u are living in Moscow Reply Report
Desperate Disgusting Male Pig

Desperate Disgusting Male Pig -2 points1202 days ago

I would let you do anything to me Princess x Reply Report

Princess +4 points1202 days ago

I wana poop in your mouth and vomit on your cock daddy. Can you eat my big smelly poopy I'm going to put in your mouth? Reply Report
Desperate Disgusting Male Pig

Desperate Disgusting Male Pig +3 points1201 days ago

Yes hun I'll swallow all of your big smelly poopy and then lick your bum clean Reply Report

f_t_f +3 points931 days ago

Stole my video Reply Report

shit +1 points1202 days ago

I took a big shit into my sister's sock and wanked with it to this vid >:D Reply Report

Cocksucker   0 points1147 days ago

of course The japense shitting, vomitng, and barfing on each other Reply Report

Wrsley   0 points235 days ago

Weslay Reply Report

justin66666 -1 points1203 days ago

These are true ladies. So angelic I want to make love to them Reply Report

Poopboy -5 points1202 days ago

Soooo hawt princess ^^^^^^ Reply Report
Psyche Doctor

Psyche Doctor -9 points1202 days ago

Caprophagia is an abnormal condition wherein taste and appetite have the affected person eating disgusting things, such as feces or vomit.

Mental disorders can produce this symptom including schizophrenia & Alzheimer’s syndrome. Patients will typically obfuscate & defend this behavior by describing it as a fetish.

Criminal psychologist’s often find that pedophiles and other people who were abused as children participate or have participated in Caprophagia.

Coprophagy involves major health risks, such as septicemia & hepatitis A & B due to the ingestion of bacteria, worm eggs and other parasites that are commonly found in human feces.
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Itsme +1 points747 days ago

Song? Reply Report