Pitbull Had Enough Of Ice Bucket Challenge

Grandmother doing the Ice Bucket Challenge is being attacked by a pitbull in front of her grandchildren.

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angelo212 +17 points1324 days ago

I feel bad for everyone even the dog. You got to wonder why the dog acted like that. Apperantly he was there pet. But, where did they get him or her from (dog pound) and what kind of background did the dog have. Grandma handled this like a true "TROOPER". Your a strong women granny. Reply Report

Sk +6 points1324 days ago

Lets breed about 1,000,000 of these fuckin maniacs and sic the cunts on all those ISIS homos. Dog against Pig. Reply Report

RFA +2 points1323 days ago

Everybody is attacking Grandma... Me to... Reply Report

d1ty +2 points1319 days ago

the kids stayed calm to in consideration of the moment, but the poor beast got confused and actually isn't a good pet but people never learn. Reply Report
Dog King

Dog King +2 points1311 days ago

dog :"Stop this ice challenge" Reply Report

thecockcolossus +1 points1324 days ago

Death to all pitbulls, smh. Why are their owners so in denial, these beasts were bred for brutality! Reply Report

Paul +1 points1324 days ago

I concur. That granny was cool and calm. So impresive Reply Report

Ulf +1 points1322 days ago

That dog needs to be put down right now, period... it's fucked in the head. Reply Report

danno   0 points1324 days ago

Shoot the dog, shoot the owner Reply Report

Ulf   0 points1322 days ago

Shoot you! Reply Report

whitepower   0 points1317 days ago

fucking nigger dog!! Reply Report
i fucking hate dogs

i fucking hate dogs -2 points1324 days ago

If there is something positive in this video, its that the dog attacked the grandmother instead of the small boy it was next to before it attacked. Hope they took the dog straight to the needle. The children wont get over that, every time they see a dog in the future... Why would you have a fucking pitbull, that is obviously not right in the head when you have atleast two smallish kids. Reply Report

mike -2 points1324 days ago

stupid to have a pit bull next your kids will get it Reply Report

hobo -2 points1324 days ago

No puppy no Reply Report

boring -3 points1324 days ago

thats so 2014 Reply Report

impish -4 points1324 days ago

God ppl are soooooo stupid. Did you notice that the dog didnt bite her until she started squealing and stood up shaking her head? That dog thought he was protecting the kids from crazy grandma. Oh and that was a bite NOT AN ATTACK. Reply Report

Ulf +3 points1322 days ago

And that was the highest rated bullshit of today. A dog should not bite like that, it's fucked in the head. Reply Report

become   0 points1321 days ago

Typical uneducated response. This is why everyone knows not to scream and act stupid in front of dog. Normal ppl teach their young children not to act like this around animals. Your the one who is fucked in the head. Reply Report

umm.. +1 points1022 days ago

if you need to be so careful about how you act around an animal, maybe you shouldn't have it as a pet. Reply Report

SlapHappyK9 -4 points1318 days ago

Me and my wife have owned all breeds of AMERICAN PITBULL TERRIER
Right now we have a RED PITBULL and a STAFFIRE TERRIER. My RED
has guard dog training and loves kids he's better than any babysitter can!!
The other is more protective of kids then the kids own mothers are.
Parents don't have to clean face's at my house... Have had pit's for 20+ years and trained friends pit's!!! SO DON'T BLAM THE DOG IT THE GRAND MOTHERS FAULT AND THE ONE WHO TRAINED THE DOG!!!
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