belly stab

Sexy girl gets stabbed right in the belly by her man cause she recorded over his superblow game ..

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Heavy-R fans

Heavy-R fans +15 points1390 days ago

Hello, Sk,
It is very surprise to see you doing silly things again.

If you want to pretend a hero by showing sympathy on the female victim,
you should blame the male killer in the film or
blame the producer for making this story.

If you have no brave to do that and only dare enough to offend
the unknown audience, then you are a coward !

In fact, there are all sorts of audience on the planet, male & female,
who are watching and love this kind of fantasy.
If you think there is only one kind of fans, then you are simply too naive !

Your recent behaviour let the who world see how stupid & navie you are !
Please stop doing silly things again to hurt yourself. Thank you !
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Pantilover +7 points823 days ago

Oh, dear woman,
You are bleeding heavily !
I can feel the pain in your belly and feel pity for you !
I would like to give you a piece of maxipad to absorb your flow.
Which brand are you using?
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strangelove +2 points1030 days ago

One of the best KHP ever seen, to my kinky fetish. Reply Report
Fun guy

Fun guy   0 points1039 days ago

Bad video, period! Boring... Reply Report

Sk -17 points1392 days ago

More jerk off material for MUDSKIPPER the homo coward. Fuck i'd love to break your fucking jaw. Reply Report

KHP +12 points1334 days ago

Your assumption is terribly wrong.
The video has no strict relations with cowards.
Audience of any character may like to watch something different to their
routine daily life in order to get amusement.
Otherwise, the film industry would have much less scripts to play
and the audience would have much less movies to choose from.
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Referee +10 points1350 days ago

You should focus your comment on the video, not on something else. Reply Report