Mentally Retarded Girl Masturbating

Young mentally retarded girl masturbating and having an orgasm.

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Trig +22 points1184 days ago

I don't think she is retarded, it looks more like she has something like cerebral palsy. Nice to see someone in her condition, whatever it is, enjoying herself either way. Reply Report

Victor +4 points1185 days ago

I found this SO erotic.....she cums at 30.50 . She texts her friend that she has cum. Or.....her friend is on webcam with her. I want to know what she is watching. So.....retarded people watch porn and masturbate.......excellent! Reply Report

Victor +3 points1184 days ago

I agree with Trig, cerebral palsy. She needs a Roger Rabbit, not a ballpoint pen. Does she do this daily?
Her friend texts her, what are you doing? Are you watching porn and masturbating? How often does she shower, bet it stinks down there. I want to know what porn she is watching? Don't you? Love the post orgasm cigarette. Pity no audio, hearing her cumming. I had to see this again,so erotic. It's a fav for future wanking.
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Victor +3 points1182 days ago

She hasn't showered her cunt and arsehole for 6 weeks now. And she only has one pair of panties. And she masturbates all day. Reply Report

Simon +2 points1164 days ago

Cumming like this many times a day, and she doesn't shower too often, she must smell so good. All she does, is watch porn all day,and masturbate.....lovely. Stinky hairy cunt and arse. Would lend her my wife's Roger Rabbit too. Reply Report
The Family Dog

The Family Dog -2 points643 days ago

I just puked my dinner, for the second time. Reply Report

Victor +1 points1183 days ago

Have to see this again, I wanna smell her cunt and arsehole so bad. Reply Report

dickymorg +1 points657 days ago

Forget your wife's Roger Rabbit... She could have my cock inside her stinky hairy cunt and I'd empty my balls all over her pussy hair then eventually it would smell even more without her washing my sperm off!! Reply Report

Jackreacher +1 points282 days ago

So is she an actual cam model, or did some ahole just still the video feed. Reply Report

bimaleformorf   0 points482 days ago

I'd love to have sex with her Reply Report

dave -1 points1184 days ago

i wonder what her anal hole smells like i bet like poop Reply Report
Dirty Boy

Dirty Boy +3 points1183 days ago

Well...they don't normally smell like roses Dave :) Reply Report

hardon11 -1 points126 days ago

Wish she was 11 Reply Report

Lucifer4 -2 points1183 days ago

Nice, she would be a sweet fucktoy! Reply Report

Daruis -9 points1184 days ago

I cannot master-bait to this... I find this fascinating that 'mentally ill' people can have needs. What a weird video. Reply Report