Racist White Girl Tricked Into Interracial Sex

Racist white girl gets blindfolded and unknowingly fucks a giant black cock.

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peachykeen +6 points1332 days ago

Gabrielle Union is black Reply Report
Good fake

Good fake +4 points1333 days ago

This is fake but I like it! Reply Report

starman797 +1 points1332 days ago

Seemed too "set up" her reactions seemed rehearsed not spontaneous. Reply Report
Brad Pitt

Brad Pitt +1 points1331 days ago

Couldn't she tell from the smell? Reply Report

cpthowdy   0 points1332 days ago

I dont see why yal keep saying couldn't she tell by the voice. no some vlavk ppl sound white and myself i sound kinda black. i do a great black voice for pranks with not much change. Yes its fake. I'm no racist but she would smell the blackness. plus she looks some what mix right. but fuckm get it.. Reply Report

chopper   0 points1310 days ago

It's pretty obvious she's had BBC before. Reply Report
Master blaster

Master blaster   0 points875 days ago

You gotta love it when racist people work out their differences. Bet she won't be keeping her kkk membership card. Reply Report
Nate Higgers

Nate Higgers   0 points170 days ago

Fuck this nigger shit Reply Report
Nate Higgers

Nate Higgers   0 points170 days ago

Srsly, she really looks like a coon, too, how can that be interracial if she's a digusting spook? this is fucking retarded Reply Report

crew   0 points13 days ago

fake Reply Report

Anonymous -1 points1332 days ago

Yeah, big time fake...voice she'd of been able to tell. Reply Report

296jack -1 points1214 days ago

Love the idea behind this video. Reply Report
Slick Willie

Slick Willie -1 points335 days ago

I guess Gabrielle Union was the only nigger she wanted to fuck lol. Besides, I think her "racist" mother is a race trading whore because this bitch looks half black herself.
Reply Report

chopper -6 points1332 days ago

He acted white so she was fooled but got payed anyways. When you wear a blindfold, there's no case for a lawyer to plead to a jury. Reply Report

Hilarious -19 points1333 days ago

Couldn't she tell from the voice?
Reply Report
Why was this downvoted?

Why was this downvoted? +2 points522 days ago

He is kinda right. Reply Report