Extreme Tit Torture

Tits fucked up for life.

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thekingofheavyr +36 points1059 days ago

Eww....just....just....Ewwww. Reply Report

Darko +12 points1060 days ago

They where already fucked up anyway Reply Report
Jeremy Fischer

Jeremy Fischer +11 points1059 days ago

Ugh, her tits are fucking disgusting. No arousal whatsoever. Reply Report

Wot? +11 points1059 days ago

Why is this a thing? Reply Report

subslutsue +9 points1056 days ago

wowwww i would love to have my tits treated like that Reply Report

guyl +1 points1054 days ago

If you have any tits, I'll certainly help you out- and we'll both love it. Reply Report

Mr.OkayThen +4 points1058 days ago

..... I had a boner. I lost a boner. I got a strange one, and lost it again. Well okay then Reply Report

fargo770 +3 points1031 days ago

love watching this pain sluts tits get tortured Reply Report

LoL +2 points1058 days ago

This has got to be the first time I seen her look pissed. Looks like she was gonna kick that girl's ass. But dude sure knows his girls, got her where she wanted to be.... Reply Report

pjohanns +1 points324 days ago

probably a lot of stinging and some blood but this was childs play compared to some of what i have seen done to her. Reply Report

monicaw +1 points315 days ago

That is so sexy. I want that done to me. Reply Report
That guy

That guy +1 points1058 days ago

peroxide is going to be a bitch. Reply Report

whaaeeet +1 points1059 days ago

Oh, it is Pinhead, aaahm, Pintit from Hellraiser Reply Report

12wantsbbc   0 points510 days ago

Am a lil bit dissapointed. Too much mechanics, no excitment. The other grl should rub and masturbate herself, stuff her tongue into her mouth, perhaps even pss about her, laugh and lick her tits.
But she only works like in a factory.
Reply Report

pjohanns +1 points323 days ago

agree .... chick should eat Anita or bring in another guy to fuck her Reply Report
Love Pain and pleasure

Love Pain and pleasure   0 points166 days ago

Tottaly agree ive never seen Anita been fucked by a bloke....whats up with that after all the torture she loves wouldnt it make sense to finish her pussy and arse hole....ive anyone noes a video were Anita gets fucked lemme no plz :) love Anita what a legend pain and pleasure is the way forward :) Reply Report

dipahot   0 points150 days ago

Anita is a crazy slave and can take huge pain on boobs . Reply Report
Porn King

Porn King -11 points1060 days ago

Would like to shoot a load on those bloody melons Reply Report
airsoft is gay

airsoft is gay -12 points1059 days ago

most fucked up tits ever Reply Report

guyl -12 points1059 days ago

So fucking hot had to put my dick out to get some relief. Anita is so fucking sexy & erotic! Reply Report
El gatto

El gatto -13 points1059 days ago

I would like to meet the guy who told her this was a good idea and shake his hands! Reply Report

Jeroen -15 points1059 days ago

Wow, I'm in love with this sick freak! Reply Report