Drunk Mom and Horny Son

Mom and son are drinking together and that wasn't very smart since it turns out into hot sex. That's gonna be a real bad hangover tomorrow!

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frankw265 - 975 days ago

Bad view! Bad sound! They seem more interested in the booze! Mechanical performances! Jackoff ending! No pussy eating! Lame pussy play! No tit sucking! Lame tit play! Weak.

willl - 127 days ago

I have never been in that situation but I am thinking if I and my mom would have had a sexual encounter I don't think I would have eaten her pussy or sucked her tits but I guess I couldn't possibly ever know exactly since she died when I was very young. but personally I think just having sex with my mom would be a hell of a stretch. but in my opinion that other stuff would be a little too intimate. but I do agree with the recording considering it was probably done by some film company