Self Enema On Public Toilet

This girl has some serious constipation and performs a self enema on a public toilet after her turds are stuck in the channel. Another poor girl badly needs to pee and the hole scene turns into a slapstick scat movie.

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The REAL American Idiot

The REAL American Idiot +1 points1124 days ago

I love the sticky goo hanging from her pussy @ the 1 minute 50 mark! The video should've carried on & shown the other girl who was desperate to pee. :) Reply Report

presidential   0 points1126 days ago

What were they DOIN lol Reply Report

sophiepush   0 points273 days ago

The girl outside should've given her some encouragement!
I do when I hear somebody straining in a public toilet!
I knock on the partition and say, "Push, push!" And things like that. One woman even let me come in and rub her stomach while she pushed. I ended up asking her out (I'm lesbian) and she shyly agreed. Later on, after eating dinner and her complaining about how much her stomach hurt, I took her home and gave her a good stomach massage. She tried to squat with some toilet paper on the floor, but it wouldn't com out, so she just laid in bed again and had me massage her stomach while she pushed it all out there. God, that was a big one. Lots of pushing, straining, sweating and encouragement from me. But she finally got it out and all the trapped wind behind it. We've broken up now, but I'll always remember her great, big poo.
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let her shit

let her shit -3 points1126 days ago

get the fuck away form the door Reply Report

smurffdidit   0 points523 days ago

lol Reply Report