Drunk Rape Video

Drunk amateur party slut gets bottlefucked while passed out. She never knew what happened to her that night...

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Moron +5 points1493 days ago

Fucking stupid camera man. What was the point of this video really? Reply Report

Mo   0 points1489 days ago

Well, obviously he was licking her but didn't want his face in the camera. lol Reply Report
Mr M in Vegas

Mr M in Vegas +2 points1493 days ago

lots of risk without return? Due to lack of consent this could have severe consequences. Reply Report

wat +16 points1492 days ago

do you have any idea where you are Reply Report
Boo Ring

Boo Ring   0 points1493 days ago

Put some fucking dick in it!!! Reply Report
Pimpstress of Pink Pussy

Pimpstress of Pink Pussy   0 points41 days ago

So tight, but wasted ass abuse and all wasted on a bottle instead of squeezing dick. Rookies... pink pussy is so yummy... maybe some men just need another girl there to show him how touch it right. Reply Report

Annann   0 points153 days ago

I fucked myself with a bottle while watching this Reply Report
Pimpstress of Pink Pussy

Pimpstress of Pink Pussy   0 points41 days ago

@Annann Cum angel, no bottle needed. Open your legs baby, squirm. Reply Report

pornaddictguy420 -3 points1492 days ago

lol yeahhhh rape that bitch anally and up her stink hole cunt give her some cock that's wutsup bros :) Reply Report

SMF -4 points1363 days ago

Typical drunk slut.Should have then cracked the bottle over her head Reply Report

Yoda -7 points1296 days ago

This a crime she is unconscious so this must be reported to the police. Everyone who likes this is a rapist. Reply Report

Itargetdumbfucks +1 points471 days ago

@Yoda you just watched you idiot. Reply Report