Shameless Public Sex Brutally Interrupted

Drunk couple is brutally interrupted while having shameless sex at german train station.

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L.O. Pages

L.O. Pages +12 points1557 days ago

Did you see the size of her arse? Reply Report

brolo +12 points1555 days ago

Is that...Is that a baby she has strapped to the front of her? Reply Report
Public Nudity Supporter

Public Nudity Supporter +7 points1555 days ago

What a jealous faggot asshole... Reply Report
Bielefeld Guy

Bielefeld Guy +6 points1531 days ago

This was not a fake, As someone already pointed out. This incident took place at Bielefeld central station a place notorious for alcoholics, junkies and crack users. you´ll also find many whores there willing to have sex with u for 20 euros. and shameless alcoholics who are willing to do them in public. not a very nice place to be especially at night. Reply Report

vajesus   0 points687 days ago

Omg sounds perfect. I'd love to get fucked like the whores there. I'd probably walk around naked waiting to be raped. Reply Report

peet +5 points1233 days ago

sounds great! Reply Report

someonewhohasclasstomorrow +5 points1555 days ago

Fucking rude dude... there is no respect this days... Reply Report

Bielefeld +3 points1550 days ago

This shit happens in Bielefeld at Hauptbahnhof Station :-D In that area are always Crackbitches and Junkies Reply Report

peet +2 points1233 days ago

He wants a go too thats all. Reply Report

H9rnyhousewife27 -1 points833 days ago

I swear that is her Husband! Hahahahaha! Reply Report
im black

im black -3 points1556 days ago

Dat bitch super ugly Reply Report

rickGrimes -3 points1057 days ago

Jealous faggot?? She had a fucking baby assholes. What the fuck is wrong with you?! Wish i could behead every single of u... Reply Report

kantus12 -6 points1555 days ago

Russians? Reply Report

peet -2 points1233 days ago

No, Scottish politicians Reply Report

jhonydepp -6 points1555 days ago

fakin russians.. Reply Report

Oink -6 points1554 days ago

They're german and both nasty ass trash! He should have kicked them both I n the head. Go have your stinky sex at home you fucks! Nobody wants to see, hear, or slip on anything that comes out of your filthy stinking genitals!
He should have cut her tits off!
Reply Report

peet -2 points1233 days ago

I agree with you Reply Report