Amateur Teen Closeup Scat

Amateur teenage girl takes her pants off and gets filmed in closeup as she lets out a big scat turd from her hairy asshole.

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logetskaya +16 points835 days ago

Sure would like to lick her hairy shit-hole Reply Report
Shamita 36

Shamita 36 +2 points367 days ago

@logetskaya : My toyboy lover (20 yrs) never fails to sniff my dry asshole for its tangy odor & relishes licking the rim every night before going to sleep. Reply Report

erinero -1 points460 days ago

Si tú tienes ganas yo me arrodillo y te abro mi boca@logetskaya Reply Report
Dirty Boy

Dirty Boy +7 points1598 days ago

What a cutie. I can imagine snogging her while she does diarrhea in a diaper, then make love to her while she's dirty. ?Love her hairy poo hole as well..... Reply Report
wetting fred

wetting fred +7 points1597 days ago

I'd eat a mile of her shit and drink a gallon of her piss to get to where it comes from. Reply Report

nameless +5 points1519 days ago

so lovelyyyy Reply Report

jaat +4 points1571 days ago

Super cute girl with beautiful butthole. Would love to eat her pooper chute while she poops. Reply Report

miss_you_75 +3 points1561 days ago

I surely wouldn't mind lick her asshole... and let let my tounge welcome her shit into my mouth... Reply Report
Sick Guy

Sick Guy +2 points1597 days ago

I love hairy assholes, somebody can send me more videos with hairy assholes? Reply Report

Dude +2 points1515 days ago

Sure would like to lick her hairy shit-hole Reply Report

Zeke +2 points1507 days ago

T want her to shit in my mouth Reply Report
barry smith

barry smith +2 points1082 days ago

i wish all these women would stop wasteing there shit while there are so many of us that would like to eat it every day Reply Report

Wolfeeeeee +2 points769 days ago

I lold when she bashed her head off the ceiling Reply Report

bored +1 points1595 days ago

kingdavids videos are always so boring, he talks too much and sounds stupid
+ this vid was a waste of time
Reply Report
The REAL American Idiot

The REAL American Idiot +2 points1591 days ago

While I agree with you on the guy talking too much, I DISAGREE on the video being a waste of time. She is a beautiful young woman who shares a very intimate act with all the male perverts here!! Reply Report

XD +1 points1598 days ago

This video is the greatest, I'm surprised she didn't put a hole in the roof with her head. XD Reply Report
The REAL American Idiot

The REAL American Idiot +1 points1598 days ago

What a sexy little pussy she has. I turned the volume up hoping to hear her push but all I could hear was the annoying whispering voice over guy! The description is a little misleading too.....BIG scat? Reply Report

Scatlord +1 points1598 days ago

Big scat...Lol Reply Report

wyld1 +1 points422 days ago

Delicious Reply Report

Anjel   0 points1573 days ago

Como eu adoro o teu cuzinho!! Lambia-te todo sem parar, só de pensar estou toda molhada e vou me masturbar é a nossa satisfação!! Reply Report

EfroMan   0 points905 days ago

The idiot David always talks too much and lets the girls nervous, spoiling the show. Douchebag!!! The girl is very pretty with a marvelous mouth. She must do wonders with it. Reply Report

smally   0 points1295 days ago

Sweety Reply Report

QHVAGRE   0 points1036 days ago

May i know her name? Reply Report

avaleur   0 points463 days ago

je dégusterais bien ta merde Reply Report

Douglasatit   0 points119 days ago

I thought she said she did big shits!! Oh well her little shit was nice. Reply Report
just me

just me   0 points159 days ago

a lovely, beautiful, precious, young lady. incredible. Reply Report

herniman   0 points91 days ago

I'd love to eat and tongue her dirty hairy perfect yummy asshole Reply Report

junglejimhr -2 points483 days ago

King David should be beaten with a rolled up phone book or something... What a D-Bag! Reply Report