Video of ISIS burning the Jordanian pilot to death

Video of ISIS burning the Jordanian pilot to death.

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Sk +72 points1078 days ago

Cowardly homosexuals hiding behind masks. The only brave one is the hero in the cage. Death to all ISIS pigs. Reply Report
Haha! You\'re scared of a sexuality!

Haha! You\'re scared of a sexuality! -5 points741 days ago

You should also fucking die, homophobic piece of shit Reply Report

killallfags   0 points357 days ago

Faggot Reply Report

Anonymous +1 points791 days ago

Cant someone tell me what does it says in Arabic? I want to know what excuse they are using from Islam, because Islam stricly prohibit use of Fire as a punishment...Die Fuckers and dont dare to call urself Muslims Reply Report

jkj +4 points335 days ago

our government (US) are the faggots creating isis Reply Report

Sk +3 points1078 days ago

Can't the Feds trace back where this video came from just by starting here and working backwards? At some point an Isis fag must have handled this, so why not find the cunt and throw him in jail, or shoot him in the head. Reply Report
Closer Everyday

Closer Everyday   0 points550 days ago

Technology today is fucking mind boggling but short of damn good psychic with extraordinary abilities to assist the CIA I'm afraid we're not quite there.....yet. Reply Report
fuck isis

fuck isis +3 points394 days ago

FUCK ISIS!!! Reply Report
nuclear weapons

nuclear weapons +1 points1076 days ago

just do it Reply Report

justice +1 points1069 days ago

when someone from isis dies this will be there punishment from the devil to burn in eternal darkness Reply Report

stranger +1 points1049 days ago

Fuck these bastards the pilot was a hero! Reply Report

mike +1 points1032 days ago

why didnt he just lift the fuckin cage and run Reply Report

mike +1 points1032 days ago

put a pile of Korans in the middle of the dessert advertize free korans to all muslims and drop a moab ( mother off all bombs)on the fucking lot of them Reply Report

unknown   0 points1077 days ago

why dont they destroy Syria like they did london in the gi joe movie it would in my opinion sort it all out once and for all Reply Report

Fuck ISLAM!   0 points282 days ago

As long as its a fucking goat humping rag head who kills another goat humping rag is good! Reply Report

alexanderdsr2016   0 points414 days ago

all criminal activities done by in the name of god. mother fuckers, basters, what u get in this. u know the value of human sole. idiots.
if u r brave guys. why should u hide ur face in mask.
fuck u basters.
Reply Report

Future-cuisider   0 points408 days ago

I want to kill some people i know, in same way! Reply Report

Gast47   0 points160 days ago

Only muslims can to this. Muslims have no respekt for life, women, other religions.and and and. This goatsfuckers shall burn in the hell. Reply Report
isis killer

isis killer   0 points3 days ago

isis is the biggest collection of wasted skin . i still dont get why not just nuke the fuckers. isis=piece of pig shit fuckin child raping women beating cowards . and methods used 800 yrs ago cave dwelling scum Reply Report

Spork -1 points1063 days ago

they are not muslim terrorists they are mossad agents this is israels doing Reply Report

mike +2 points1032 days ago

your an idiot Reply Report
Yar the Pirate

Yar the Pirate -3 points1077 days ago

not real, no way middle eastern terrorist organization has the funds for brand new uniforms and assault riffles. Reply Report

Unbeliver -6 points1078 days ago

Fake as fuck, Zionist propaganda Reply Report

Zoroaster -8 points1078 days ago

This is fake as fuck made by Rita Katz and posse. Google it. They also did the beheading videos etc. ISIS doesn't have brand new military uniforms and they don't wear brand new British army issue desert boots. Reply Report

geo8x6 -10 points1077 days ago

Its gettin hot in here
So take off all your clothes
Reply Report