Drowned In Shit

Chubby teen loves to be shitted on and licking clean soiled toilet bowls.

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toilet +15 points1018 days ago

She is perfect. I'd love to marry her and start a family and eat shit with her every day Reply Report
Dirty Boy

Dirty Boy +8 points1018 days ago

I'm in love....What a babe.....I want to lick her arse while she's shitting :) Reply Report
Chubby Lover

Chubby Lover +1 points1016 days ago

Too right...and I can just imagine getting between her chubby legs while she's on the toilet, and muffing her juicy pussy while her soft serve pours out.... Reply Report
Chubby Lover

Chubby Lover +7 points1018 days ago

Perfect :) I's love to be sitting on that toilet, with her on my lap, or under her reverse cowgirl in bed, while she released that lovely warm, stinky load...Love her chubby bum, and she could sit on my face while I lick her clean. Reply Report
Dirty Boy

Dirty Boy +2 points1015 days ago

I'd like her to sit on my face and fill her panties as well :) Reply Report
Chubby Lover

Chubby Lover +7 points1012 days ago

I'm fantasizing about taking her out for a romantic Valentines day meal, then at night, going to bed with her, wearing a diaper, and having taken a laxative. In the morning, I ask her to hold her desperate poo as long as she can while we snog, then when she's uncontrollably exploded in her diaper, make love....it would be heaven between her chubby, dirty, hot shit covered legs :) Reply Report
The REAL American Idiot

The REAL American Idiot +1 points1010 days ago

In my fantasy, I would just love to be her toilet....simple as that, so she could visit me whenever she felt the urge for a poo. I know it's a simple idea & nowhere near as elaborate as yours, but it would be just perfect for me! :) Reply Report
Girl Poo Lover

Girl Poo Lover   0 points1004 days ago

To be honest, I'd be happy with that....I'm imagining kissing the back of her neck, and gently rubbing her chubby tummy while she just relaxes and lets it all out on my lap :) Reply Report

Perv +7 points1018 days ago

I want to eat her shit, and eat hir fat dirty ass clean. I love fat sluts like this.
Reply Report

bigcumload +6 points1018 days ago

damn! 10 boners for sure! Reply Report

Pornophile +5 points1018 days ago

Damn, I want to fuck her shitty asshole so bad! Reply Report

explorer +3 points1017 days ago

Now here's a girl who really does like what she's doing. No acting, she loves it for real. And what a beautiful body and face. I'm into BDSM, but it's also nice to see a girl having clean, good fun every now and then. Reply Report

sueleather +2 points962 days ago

She is so sexy! I would love to eat shit together with her. I want her so much. I wish she was my daughter xx Reply Report

kopite10   0 points939 days ago

If you want someone to Father a daughter like this gimme a shout! lol. This is one of the hottest vids I've ever seen. She is stunning. Reply Report

E +1 points987 days ago

WAS A GOOD VIDEO.....TILL THE ASSHOLE SHOWED UP !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Reply Report

Tim   0 points1018 days ago

I would employ her to clean my toilet no problem. Reply Report

explorer   0 points1017 days ago

Lol. Reply Report

gotti   0 points1006 days ago

she is so beautiful, I love chunky girls that have a beautiful face. Too many tats tho Reply Report