Raping Abducted Girl

A pretty college girl is out jogging when she's chloroformed and thrown bound into the back of a van by a guy. The dude drives her to a safe location, strips her and rapes her. After abusing her limp body he dumps her and drives off.

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angelique21 +12 points1411 days ago

Only 14% of the film was spent fucking her !!!!! What a waste of time. If this happened to me when I was out jogging I would expect a gang rape at least. Poor cow. Reply Report
rape master

rape master +2 points1400 days ago

i liked thes video Reply Report
first day watch your tits bounce.next day your str

first day watch your tits bounce.next day your str +1 points603 days ago

take you to nice quite spot.no use you struggling.you showed me two fingers,when I shouted I would like to fuck you yesterday.Today you will have no choice.I am going to strip your body bare,first your nice big full breasts bare to toutch.I,ll suck your nipples untill they are big and hard proud.then I,ll .remove your shorts,and last your nice pink panties down to your ankles, and rip them off, to expose your now bare vagina,spread your nice big thighs .now the moment.Hope you can manage a ten inch erect penis With this penis I thee rape you.and you can,t stop me, and yes you will manage all ten inchs.as you wake up from the chlorofrm,you will find your self naked being fucked hard, and deep. all ten inchs deep in your vagina,your bare breasts bouncing as my erect penis goes in and out your wet love passage.bend both your thighs to insure you feel my cock inside you .let you see, and feel me raping your body.you will be sore,raw,the inner walls of your vagina ripped and, torn by the size of the penis I used to rape you.I have been fucking your body for forty min,s thanks you make a good tight fuck enjoyed fucking you...... Reply Report

soco100 +1 points1319 days ago

Superb example of what all rape videos should be. Footage, plot, and acting so realisitc it makes u consider wether it maybe an actual illegal recording Reply Report

Fuck_Me_Up_The_ANAL_HOLE +1 points1033 days ago

Well it's not real. I don't think the real rapist would be dumb enough to leave his cum on her - evidence of his DNA.
But most of all, you not gonna find any female jogger that is wearing a bikini top instead of a sport bra!! I tried jogging without sport bra - it hurts.
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big bad davey

big bad davey +1 points795 days ago

The one day I,ve been waiting for lady jogger.I called after you what I would like to do to you, You stuck your fingers up at me Did,nt take much to strip you bare , head to toes So.today I will stick two fingers up your bare moist vagina wait for you to come around talk you though what I am going to do to your now naked body. when you open your eyes I will be fingering you, and masturbating a 10inch erect penis which I will use to rape you this time you won,t run away before you have felt my cock inside you. I,ve watched your breasts bounce under your tee shirt as you run.Here and now I can feel and toutch your bare breasts when I please. finger fuck you. take my time fingering you knowing soon it will be my 10 inch erection in your vagina fucking you hard deep and fast ,watch your bare breasts bounce as I fuck you? I,ve brought you here quite,where I can do anything without being seen or disturbed I,stripped your body bare naked prepared you, so I can take my time as I rape you .have you ever had a cock in your arse? taken some photos my erect cock in your mouth after Ive finished fucking you I am going to leave you naked in the woods? who knows raped again may be 12"erection enjoy...............I did if.I.catch you jogging Ill fuck you again Reply Report
rent a cock on time all the time...

rent a cock on time all the time... +1 points736 days ago

just relax not far to go now where you will feel and watch me pull your shorts down. exposing your tight vagina all mine now to toutch? put you to sleep, chloroform you,unconscious when you awaken you will be naked,bare.for me to toutch. feel,me finger fuck you, must be wet so I can slip my erection inside to rape you.ever had a ten inch penis? or will this be the first time. struggle,all you like I am going to rape you with this monster penis In forty mins it will be over.you will have been fucked with a 10inch erection.shame, you were not a tight virgin Reply Report
bad shit

bad shit   0 points1412 days ago

you know what, girl always like smart minded boy. so be smart then fuck. otherwise you're not gonna getting any pleasure from her. I mean combination LOL Reply Report