Blonde Necro Raped By Coworker

Blonde secretary is stalked by creepy coworker and ambushed. She is strangled to death while being forcefully stripped. The blonde babe's lifeless corpse then gets her mouth stuffed with cock and raped.

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NECROMANCER +19 points1294 days ago

wtf is she even typing looking at a blank screen.?
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Dindu Nuffin

Dindu Nuffin +6 points1225 days ago

Well, she *is* blonde... Reply Report

domgod93 +2 points890 days ago

Very Good Reply Report

Rapppppe +2 points422 days ago

Why would you want them dead? I'd want them to remember what happened to them forever. Reply Report

BigGeorge69 +1 points501 days ago

This guy knows how to treat a lady right! Awesome legs on this little bitch! Love this. Reply Report

Michaelangelo +1 points658 days ago

Would have liked to see him strangle him with his bare hands and make her feel as much pain as possible. her soft, lovely delicate neck served that purpose beautifully. Smothering with a pillow just doesn't do it - too easy a kill with no real climax. But she did deserve
to die; she was a real bitch and conceited whore treating him that way. Loved the way he left her spread out on the bed with her head
hung over the bed exposing that sensuous neck. Why the heck did he put back her clothes and put her on the chair - so dumb! Should have left her on the bed nude as a piece of art , her big lovely eyes
wide open in horror at her fate.
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pepe   0 points1268 days ago

Love this nipple licking... Reply Report

Nigger1233243   0 points7 days ago

What tha fuck is this shit fucked i probly fake as shit Reply Report

giber -2 points1294 days ago

Good vid. Decent acting. Enjoy seeing blondes getting abused and this whore got what she desrved Reply Report