Asian Slave Drinks Piss To Survive

Asian slave with a sexy body and big boobs is in a bondage harness and her head gets sealed in a plastic bag after some caning. The bag is then filled with fresh piss - and she has to drink it all up or drown.

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LeslieCreeper +58 points1420 days ago

This Asian sex slave failed to drink the guy's piss. She must be punished. Reply Report
wise white man

wise white man +18 points1418 days ago

Confucious say; when drowning in one inch of piss with a bag tied around your head, lay on your back and piss will no longer kill you. Reply Report

Aww +16 points1195 days ago

The last 30 seconds you can see in her eyes how she wished she would have listened to her mom and became a nurse lol! Reply Report
Rick Kink

Rick Kink +11 points1419 days ago

She had way too much freedom of movement! Reply Report

Günther +10 points1420 days ago

thats stupid, you can't drink if you have no air.
That was a normal reaction, because she could be drowned.

And everybody who want to see her die: Fuck you, you're sick!
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Indonesia +11 points1416 days ago

If the asian slave need air, first she has to drink piss so that she will get air. Because in future, if the asian slave will become toilet, she must be able to first drink piss and then she will get air from pipeline. Reply Report

B_H_I   0 points517 days ago

Via Tracheostomy! Reply Report

smalldick +9 points1420 days ago

when she tries to stand up boner went off :( Reply Report

Crazy4Life +8 points1415 days ago

Lesliecreeper. I know just the thing staple her cunt closed Reply Report

explorer +8 points1375 days ago

Good position of the legs (though I personally prefer them a little wider than this). The tears were lovely too. And I commend them for trying to stage a good idea. Still, you can't make a girl drink urine if she has a plastic bag over her head because you can bite through a plastic bag. Glass should be used, it will also allow us to watch her go through the humiliation. - But all in all very good idea indeed. Reply Report

Jayjay +6 points1420 days ago

I was like that looks like Tia ling but then I was like maybe am just racist and think all Asians look alike but turns out am not and she's super hot. Reply Report

thundergun +5 points1167 days ago

i wana see more of this done any1 point me to more vids? And she should have been tied down Reply Report
Chloe sanders

Chloe sanders   0 points385 days ago

I'd love someone to do something like this to me
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Master of toys

Master of toys   0 points73 days ago

@Chloe sanders
Hi bb, I could do it to you and worse if you want.
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??? +2 points342 days ago

When she got up and started panicking, she looked like a deranged, animated monkey. Lol Reply Report

- +1 points1420 days ago

he sould have let her die Reply Report

??   0 points1080 days ago

tia ling ?? Reply Report

Ricequeenlover   0 points343 days ago

You can lead a jack-ass to urine, but you can’t make it drink! Reply Report

randomdude -5 points890 days ago

Well at least she didn't drink all that jewish yellow pee :D
poor thing :D
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Unchi Lover

Unchi Lover -8 points1397 days ago

You people are so mean to this princess leave her lone :( Reply Report