Blonde Raped By Two Latino Thugs

Blonde babe is abducted by two Latino thugs and taken to their hideout, where she is stripped an groped by force. The hottie is then raped by both of the guys together in tons of positions - and then tied and covered in their cumshots when they're done.

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Yaboi +19 points1091 days ago

Yeah as real as santa claus Reply Report

lol -1 points1091 days ago

lmfao Reply Report

giber -1 points958 days ago

Good video. The little whore got what she deserved. They were way too easy on the bitch. They should have beat the shit out of her before and after they fucked her, none the less any tim a blonde is abused is a good day. Reply Report

. -1 points937 days ago

Someone rape me like this rape my tight pussy Reply Report

angelique21 -2 points957 days ago

Just how I like to be fucked. Reply Report

evebroughtanaxthistime -2 points732 days ago

"Yeah, run you useless bitches, where's my orgasm? - spit - extra DNA."
Clothing men like "Die with my boots on" does nothing for world peace.
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evebroughtanaxthistime   0 points732 days ago

Oh crap. 'Drunk me' was trying to say:
'Overbooked rent-boy' - the guy who never takes off his running-shoes ('Die with your sneakers on') - should be dissuaded from wearing clothing, or yeh shall face perpetual Chinese opera.

Get 'Motor-mouth' naked as well, but add a gag. Pity 'bout subtitles - 'Exquisite Tits' slaps 'Chirpy' exclusively - WHAT is he SAYING?

Oh...dear mortification. Will never drink again...uhrm...during porn-time.
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stinky -4 points1091 days ago

Is it real Reply Report