Cumming In My Little Sisters Socks

I jerked myself off with a sock from my little sister and ejaculated inside. Next thing I want to do is cum in her panties, let me know if I you would like to see that in the comments.

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Yes +117 points1246 days ago

Yes please. Upload the panty vid Reply Report

Rayboy +22 points1246 days ago

You should fuck your sister. Please do so. Reply Report

vajesus +17 points1245 days ago

Wow you sound hot when you cum!! You should let me fuck your sister while you fuck my cunt Reply Report

Bean +17 points1246 days ago

How old is she Reply Report

Dcky +15 points1245 days ago

dirty panties please! and cum on her while she's sleeping!!! Reply Report

randallthrockmorton +14 points1245 days ago

Show the little cunt! Reply Report

Daddysaw +11 points1240 days ago

WOW so hotttttttttt I would love to hump the sis fuck the socks anyone into very young MMNnn I'm so hard.. Young is very beautiful so precious Mmnnn.. Reply Report

Plz +10 points1246 days ago

I want to see her in the panties and then you cumming in them Reply Report

carlasanchez +10 points1246 days ago

yes! in her dirty panties please!! not in the clean panties thats where hot if you can do this Reply Report

Dude +9 points1161 days ago

Cum in her panties and then put them back in her drawer! Let her wear them Reply Report
Show your sister

Show your sister +7 points1245 days ago

Love to see who wears the socks and panties...
Show us her panties
Reply Report

funnhung83 +7 points1245 days ago

Panties next! Reply Report

dirtydaddy469 +6 points1245 days ago

I ant to cum in his little sister Reply Report

vajesus +3 points483 days ago

I'd love to watch Reply Report

Daddysaw +6 points1199 days ago

WOW this video made me cum twice fuck the socks where's the sister I would B humping her sweet little ass MMNN a million and one times no doubt.. I bet he's fucked her MMNN.. I luv young 810-597-7632 Reply Report

Hmm +1 points667 days ago

Michigan? Reply Report

Dude +5 points1246 days ago

Upload one of her in her panties sleeping Reply Report
Do it!!!

Do it!!! +5 points1246 days ago


Femdom_guys +5 points1246 days ago

Yes Please! I would love to see dirty panties cover in hot jizz! Please learn how to use a camera, next time stand it up somewhere so its stationary, no more jerky camera syndrome. Reply Report

anonn +3 points1246 days ago

Yes please dirty or clean that would be nice Reply Report

dimwillys +2 points1233 days ago

Make sure they are dirty Reply Report
Kik me sometime

Kik me sometime +2 points1245 days ago

My pussy is soaked

Reply Report

sick +1 points1246 days ago

respect childrens Reply Report

emeralddragon +8 points1245 days ago

stfu Reply Report
An on

An on   0 points1246 days ago

Picture of her and pantys Reply Report

cumeater   0 points665 days ago

I wanna see smaller socks and i wanna see your cum on it love you i wanna eat your cum off the dirty sock Reply Report

iopia   0 points29 days ago

Yes! I would love to see those tiny feet covered in your cum! next is pussy! Reply Report

HenryV   0 points24 days ago

Would love to see, thanks in advance. Reply Report

laurastar -1 points1245 days ago

So hot cumshot but the next i will see your big dick ;) Reply Report

blackscat -1 points1245 days ago

geil abgespritzt und bitte das nächste in ihre panties... Reply Report

yes -1 points1062 days ago

Cum in them then put them back in her drawls
Reply Report

bonb -1 points1060 days ago

yes please her pantys with a pic next to it of her
Reply Report
fuck yea

fuck yea -1 points1056 days ago

panty vids
Reply Report

666.5 -1 points779 days ago

I want to see u wank on a pic of your sis, into her panties!! Reply Report
daughter lover

daughter lover -1 points800 days ago

Definitely cum in and on her panties. Reply Report

Hardlegs -1 points552 days ago

I wear my sister's panties all the time and jerk off in them Reply Report
mr. x

mr. x -1 points239 days ago

use her panty next time. Reply Report

Hardlegs -2 points485 days ago

I've jerked off many a time in sister's socks but I loved to wear my cousin's paties and then humping her pillow wishing it was her I was fucking,still talk to her today and jerk off thinking of her fifty years later. Reply Report

jaimejr -2 points1245 days ago

haha you should on your mom bra
Reply Report

Hey -3 points1245 days ago

I've seen a lot of shit on this site, but this is just sick. I am disgusted. Why would you cum in a little girl's socks. what the hell is wrong with you? Reply Report

whyy -3 points1246 days ago

Why is this on here? Its stupid Reply Report

faaaake -4 points1243 days ago

im totally willing to bet this guy just went to walmart and bought a pack of girly socks and said they were his sisters for the attention. Reply Report

What!? -5 points1245 days ago

Damm I think even heavy-r has it's limits Reply Report
This is just wrong...

This is just wrong... -7 points1245 days ago

Dude, have some limits. That's your little sister... Reply Report
long john willy

long john willy -8 points1245 days ago

that shit is fake, her socks aren't that color! i know!!! and i have her panties, Reply Report

nico -9 points1245 days ago

If she is below 21 years old it's OK if you post the video here. If not the video will be deleted and you might end in jail. That depends on the laws of your country. Even if she is over 21 it's still forbidden in Manx states even if you "just" cum into her panties\socks. So choose. So if it's legal in your state you can post that video. And yes the police can track your location if needed. Reply Report

jannybh +1 points822 days ago

... surely the sock itself has to be 21 years old. Or 80 better? Reply Report
Off Limits

Off Limits -9 points1245 days ago

This type of thing crosses the place for it anywhere!!!!!!!!!! No I haven't watched it....the idiot write up said enough...... Reply Report

iNTERNET pOLICE -12 points1246 days ago