10Yo Boy Shooting Dead 2 Russian Spies

New ISIS video of young kid executing 2 Russian spies.
Real or fake? Leave your opinion in comments please.

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Real +26 points1498 days ago

All IS trash need to be exterminated. No room for them on this world. Reply Report
Fuck all the IS Sons of Bitches

Fuck all the IS Sons of Bitches +5 points1483 days ago

The big slut with hairy face - we 'll find you and your motherfucking family!
The little stupit we want to fuck him in his mouth so long, if his brain left skull, than we fuck him with a AK 47 in his shit ass!
All IS are Sons of bitches without Honor and to the end "WE fucking all your mothers too !
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Fuck you too pecker wood

Fuck you too pecker wood   0 points219 days ago

@Fuck all the IS Sons of Bitches your fat pale white ass has to put down the cheese burgers and do some sit ups first. Every meth addict on this site thinks they're a rough guy, why don't you sign your punk ass up for the military if it's that serious. Reply Report

damn +5 points1490 days ago

that kid is gonna b fucked up in a couple of years Reply Report

NH +3 points1381 days ago

He already is fucked up Reply Report

d1ty +4 points1497 days ago

is this the new film that's coming out soon in 3d, i think its called "we are going to hell on a camels back" it was on the wall at our local takeaway "allens snack bar " . Reply Report

F A K E +2 points1279 days ago

you can easliy tell that the video is fake
butt IS are still cunts
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ali +1 points1499 days ago

oh oh you are death boy Reply Report

Sam +1 points1499 days ago

Seems legit and 100 percent genuine Reply Report

Non-Member +1 points1499 days ago

Fake, just like all gods... Reply Report
Anti -Mohammed

Anti -Mohammed +1 points1499 days ago

Mohammed was a gay motherfucker and is now in hell. All is fighter are stupid and allah was fucked by devill Reply Report

Fake +1 points1499 days ago

Fake. Reply Report

derp +1 points1266 days ago

derp definitely fake i hope no one actually believes this shit Reply Report

Dido +1 points1171 days ago

Big time fake Reply Report

MACKICCO   0 points1487 days ago

¿Donde esta la sangre derramada ? Me parece Falso Reply Report
Christians are child rapists

Christians are child rapists   0 points219 days ago

Fuck Russia, those WEAK faggots! Hahahaaa Reply Report
The Teacher

The Teacher -1 points1499 days ago

Very well produced. They finally gave up the cellphones and bought real cameras...
Looks fake!
Though a child can be easily coached to become whatever you want, like an executer, and terrorists can learn how to edit videos too.
Cannot see blood, but the camera angles and the performances gives me doubts.
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Umeaboy -1 points1499 days ago

It's hair raising how quickly people judge an entire movement even thou a very small part of it commits these things. What does that say about us if we want peace and serenity? Reply Report

Bob -1 points1499 days ago

Little cunt Reply Report

ТИМУР -1 points1370 days ago

хуже этих сатанистов только ублюдки либералы которые эту мразь напускают в наш мир!!! когда нибудь белые люди поймут что Гитлер была наша надежда!!! но-НЕ ЗАХОТЕЛИ НАЦЫСТОВ...получили евреев телерастов и эту чуму...а муслимы даже не звери)) муслимы-ДЬЯВОЛЫ! Reply Report

иван -1 points1370 days ago

НЕТ БОЛЕЕ БЕЗЖАЛОСТНЫЗ ЗВЕРЕЙ ЧЕМ ИСЛАМИСТЫ КОГДА СИЛА ЗА НИМИ.и нет более трусливых шакалов когда они слабее! ненадо брат я же бедный беженец))) скоты все эти обамы мерхели и путины!!! губят наш мир этой чумой! Reply Report

Zoroaster -2 points1499 days ago

Dude it's fucking fake as FUCK!!! Reply Report

isis -2 points1499 days ago

this is fake, made by CIA Reply Report

FuckHitler -2 points1499 days ago

I didn't know the Osmond's were in Iraq! Reply Report