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Two masked guys break into a teen's apartment and film how they rape her in POV. She is first stripped forcefully and exposed. She then gets her pussy fingered - and is later penetrated by cock.

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No +68 points1646 days ago

Bad reviews! Fat! Annoying as fuck! Everyones sick of your comments! Nobody cares what you think! Fuck off Frank! Reply Report

Sjab -14 points1102 days ago

She isn't fat you piece of shit, kill yourself. Reply Report

hiroshiman +22 points1089 days ago

You're a dumbass, smh. He was talking about Frank, not the girl.
He's some idiot that comments on like every video complaining about this and that like people actually give a shit.
Reply Report

tabooscenes +28 points1646 days ago

I have to agree with those slating you Frank, your comment is way off base and unnecessary. Go and get laid you miserable prick. Reply Report

BURN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! +3 points845 days ago


Nadia +24 points1623 days ago

Oh God, I want somebody to fuck me like this Reply Report

Nick69699696 +3 points219 days ago

@Nadia I will gladly fuck u like that Reply Report

Nick69699696   0 points219 days ago

@Nadia I will gladly fuck u like that Reply Report
Count Spankulots

Count Spankulots +7 points357 days ago

@Nadia I'd love to break in during the night and rape, degrade and abuse you till sun comes, breeding you all night so every time you look at them you remember how I took you Reply Report
slutty bitch

slutty bitch +2 points205 days ago

@Count Spankulots please do it sir Reply Report

RapeMe247 +2 points213 days ago

@Count Spankulots mm that sounds super fucking hot can u do that to me Reply Report

RapeMe247   0 points213 days ago

@Count Spankulots Reply Report

Occassius +8 points1503 days ago

I'll volunteer for the job... :P Reply Report

Heyyyyy +19 points681 days ago

I have a really bad rape fetish. I want a man to take me and fuck my pussy. To use my ass for their pleasure and show me my place as their whore. Reply Report

SlyFox   0 points3 days ago

@Heyyyyy I will do it as long and I make all the calls, I also get to invite whoever I want and well, you get to take NO birth control, you will get filled up and I’m calling my friends to come fuck you and fill you up once I am done, then I will brutally finger your pussy until you cannot take it anymore then get right back to fucking it and then fuck the hell out of your ass with no lube, I want you to feel every inch of me inside you and never forget the feeling.You will become my bitch, my sex toy, my pet and my sex slave, you will obey me with no questions asked. Reply Report

Daddyurb   0 points258 days ago

@Heyyyyy Reply Report

lasalle +18 points928 days ago

I would leave my door unlocked late at night if someone wanted to do this to me. Reply Report

AlexxOhYeah   0 points865 days ago

What's your address? Reply Report

negative3000 +12 points209 days ago

who the hell is frank Reply Report

Jazziegurl   0 points15 days ago

@negative3000 Reply Report
Smallbany sal

Smallbany sal +10 points1646 days ago

Frank you are a terrible troll nobody belives your ridiculous reviews and you are getting slammed on the rape video site how sad is that ha ha Reply Report
The Teacher

The Teacher +9 points1646 days ago

Frank, buddy... it was intended to look like a real not-so-produced film.
Kind of a real rape filmed with a cellphone. Mind the makers' website: taboo scenes.
Though is so well made that I do not know if is fake...
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James -1 points64 days ago

@The Teacher.... This is a rape Reply Report

Explorer. +7 points1646 days ago

It is fake, but I agree it's a well done fake. PLenty of videos that don't come close to this at all. Reply Report
President deez nuts

President deez nuts +9 points1409 days ago

Fuck her harder Reply Report

torishavelle +8 points485 days ago

i fantasize about being raped by a masked man Reply Report
Great video

Great video +7 points1575 days ago

The actress was great at making it look real and cute. What website is this from? Reply Report

jarry +7 points1646 days ago

she`s pretty wonderful! Reply Report

TierraNicole +7 points1240 days ago

Shut the fuck up, Frank. The only pussy you'd get is from having to force the poor girl. I want someone to be forced to fuck! That's sexy as fuck! Reply Report

mmmmmmm +4 points1646 days ago

Yea frank u do have some fucking shit reviews u cunt Reply Report

antoniomamie +4 points1354 days ago

intents and purpose it really looked like a real rape scene girl seemed frightened guys seemed aggressive (I might say) under those flimsy hoods those guys were hot hunks she wasn't getting from just any guys these were hot men. if how ever it really had been a true rape they could careless about her getting pregnant they would've shot their man loads right up in her cunt one after the other. and she would've put up more of a fight. but in all great ! Reply Report
couldnt stop loling

couldnt stop loling +3 points1620 days ago

the guy sounds just like john c reilly LOL shake and bake Reply Report
Fuck you frank

Fuck you frank +3 points1602 days ago

If is a fake but are you really watching the video or are you watching the girl get fucked? Cause I'm watching the girl Reply Report

ScientificRapist +3 points845 days ago

Have you noticed that girls make similar sounds when being raped, for example in 6:28-629 she made two similar sounds in a row. Also, along with a G-spot, there is a B-spot as some call it. If you hit that spot repeatedly, she will feel immense pain and, due to the placing and how your cock will make contact with her walls on two sides, great pleasure for you. That is for you guys that like feeling pleasure and watching people feel pain. Reply Report

Cocklover +3 points1253 days ago

I'm so jealous.... Reply Report

dangtho +3 points1122 days ago

those guys fuck real good tho Reply Report

fake +3 points1106 days ago

Its fake, just watch her face,she smiles sometimes Reply Report

Your3rdGradeTeacher +3 points940 days ago

Why are people mad it's fake if this was real it would be messed up.
Reply Report

seksdemon +3 points937 days ago

Definitely fake. Very good though. But just saying to put this to rest... If it was real then wouldn't she struggle and scream more? Think about it. Most realistic one I've seen is Pst-Death Valley
Reply Report

Mellow03 +1 points242 days ago

It can be real because it can bypass emotional process, and directly virtual or physiological process that affect emotional process within to get exciting, like male get exciting seeing naked woman, and rubbing penis. So, woman can become like male by feeling within to active exciting process that override emotional process that is negative to positive. So, it can be real rape that change from non-desire to desire. Reply Report

KawaiiMeYay +2 points1597 days ago

Wow, he is o FAST. Reply Report

SouthMSslut +2 points1267 days ago

I liked it for the most part. Pretty pussy. It got the job done lol Reply Report
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) +2 points290 days ago

Not the best vid. She's a bad actor, she keeps smiling during the recording. I know it ain't real rape but c'mon, they're breaking the fantasy. Reply Report

FAKE! +2 points166 days ago

She smiling so you know it's fake Reply Report

Jujusana +2 points67 days ago


Mattew +1 points163 days ago

Why does it look like she is smiling Reply Report

How? +1 points324 days ago

How did i get here? Reply Report

jackiek +1 points288 days ago

add me on snap: jkane165 for nudes and a hookup depending on where u live Reply Report

PussyBandit +1 points200 days ago

(rant) jesus fukin christ shut the fuck up Frank! You fat piece of shit! You comment like an ass but your not making any forced videos your godamn self. PLUS the camera quality on your profile pick looks like shit, u fuking hipocrite. Stop judgin peoples pussy play and go get a REAL JOB u fukin bum. Reply Report

Sexytightbella +1 points115 days ago

I want to be fucked like this so good Reply Report

Needeverycockinme +1 points56 days ago

I don’t think I’ve ever been this wet before... I have a big problem with having a rape fetish but because I don’t want to be so judged by people I’ve been with I don’t ever say I want them to rape me... but I really do want someone to just make me their personal cock sleeve. Pin me down, choke me, abuse me and every hole I have that yours Reply Report

Tatted_milf +1 points74 days ago

I'd love for someone to do this to me while making my husband watch. Reply Report
Little chick slut

Little chick slut +1 points59 days ago

Mhmmm... I would love for someone to come to my house and rape me.. god I want someone to beat me and embarrass me, I would die for someone to rape meee Reply Report

snowcrash   0 points46 days ago

@Little chick slut rape is so much fun. I love to do it. Some cry, some love it Reply Report

SAQ   0 points50 days ago

@Little chick slut I'd be glad to ;) hmu sometime Reply Report

dallsdeep   0 points881 days ago

love Reply Report

Cheyenne   0 points1148 days ago

I wish a man would handle me like that :3
Reply Report

Rancher   0 points815 days ago

cute panties Reply Report

Rancher   0 points815 days ago

Frank has left the building. Reply Report
The Dude

The Dude   0 points566 days ago

Nike ~ Just Do It Reply Report
Jeffry ortez

Jeffry ortez   0 points534 days ago

Play it Reply Report

Leboille   0 points321 days ago

What's her name anyone? Reply Report

creamylilteen   0 points438 days ago

I wish someone would use me like that Reply Report

Kenny1574   0 points129 days ago

@creamylilteen Reply Report

Yike   0 points21 days ago

Oi Reply Report
Janet 1970

Janet 1970   0 points217 days ago

I want to be raped anyone who wants to do it Reply Report
Yousef Erakat

Yousef Erakat   0 points301 days ago

How can we know if these videos are staged or real. Some videos might look staged on purpose but are real, who knows. I'm a rich YouTuber and I've always paid girls to do these things to fulfill my fetish but I always wonder if all the videos I watched are staged or not. Reply Report

Shyelville +1 points114 days ago

@Yousef Erakat I’d jump off a bridge before I’d fuck Fousey... Reply Report

Destini   0 points323 days ago

Ya know I kinda think frank is funny he kinda talks like trump if his topic was rape porn Reply Report

WantToJoin   0 points99 days ago

Hey I want to join how do I sign up Reply Report

5nadaprimalstruggle   0 points209 days ago

Why is it in real life I find men who won’t even pin me down much less fuck me like it’s their God given right. Reply Report

Luxxxie +1 points33 days ago

@5nadaprimalstruggle I love it when I fight my boyfriend and push away but he takes me anyways. You just need to find a big strong man that takes what he wants Reply Report
Master dude

Master dude   0 points138 days ago

What language were they speaking? Reply Report
pussy Terinka ,}

pussy Terinka ,}   0 points74 days ago

thats so right, so up my pussy that i m expload for milion next pervers adventure i need lick with it Reply Report

Gimmetheporn   0 points77 days ago

Any of you know the pornstar name? Reply Report

Desarayofsunshine   0 points76 days ago

Love it Reply Report
Your sweetie

Your sweetie   0 points55 days ago

Wow... look at how quick these guys came once they got their hands on the girl. Thats so fucking hot... hair trigger psycho rapists... I hope once I get raped I can please my assaulters that quickly. Yummy... Reply Report

snowcrash   0 points46 days ago to rape women and girls Reply Report
Slut tamers

Slut tamers   0 points31 days ago

People that like rape contact me here I have a girl you can rape a few actually don’t ask for my name and it won’t be cheep 4782023612 Reply Report
barely legal

barely legal   0 points4 days ago

hello! i recently turned legal in my state, and i am desperate to be raped by a stranger who can overpower me and cum inside me. if theres anyone who would like to visit me in texas, please let me know. Reply Report

Jus4Real -1 points489 days ago

Dude are freakin blind ! That girl is amazingly hot and fine as hell.... Reply Report

CuntyMcCuntface -1 points468 days ago

Franku :3 Reply Report
Big jay

Big jay -1 points118 days ago

Yo this shit is kinda bad is there any vidoe with like actually good looking girls Reply Report
The 11 year old

The 11 year old -1 points110 days ago

As dumb as I am I like this shit Reply Report

@sexman -1 points100 days ago

Fake video guys . Don’t know y these ppl upload shitty porn clips saying rape real clips. Fuck Reply Report

Jus4Real -2 points489 days ago

Dude are freakin blind ! That girl is amazingly hot and fine as hell.... Reply Report

BadAussie -2 points567 days ago

anyone that thinks she is fat or eben overweight has NO idea about what "normal size" is. Obviously a perfect body , riplling with muscles and not one bram of at on any fool who calls this slut fat! Reply Report

blueeyes_92 -2 points453 days ago

I wish someone would do this to me. Reply Report

THE KKK -3 points609 days ago

It's better to make the girl like it so she comes back for more. Retarded... to make the poor girl scream and fear for the sex, then you're going to be sad later when she doesn't want you. Reply Report

robot -8 points952 days ago

stop raped women, if you want to fuck her- just ask her a nice word; you know women need fuck men too, please just ask her and she will get away one time for you. Reply Report

max -13 points1646 days ago

FAKE Reply Report

robloxoof +4 points298 days ago

@max and that is... bad? Reply Report
Frankw265 Jr.

Frankw265 Jr. -72 points1646 days ago

Bad scene! Bad sound! Bad acting! Pussy clearly wet! Better than Twilight, tho! No Scat Porn! No 3girls5cups! Bad Angles! Lame cumshot! No Anal insertion! No Spider-Man to the rescue! Much wow, such rape! I r8 8/8 Reply Report
To Frankw265Jr

To Frankw265Jr -2 points787 days ago

Frankw265Jr petty, whining, overly critical,annoying. If you don't like these vids all the time,stop watchung! Reply Report

Your3rdGradeTeacher +5 points940 days ago

This is actually a great analysis I don't know why so many people are baging you out. Reply Report

AntiFrank -2 points1125 days ago

They tried but you just have to complain I bet they could do better than you Reply Report

Justfuckofffrank +4 points1153 days ago

Seriously, you have a comment on every god damn video on this sight, just shut the fuck up Reply Report

sehnsucht +12 points1576 days ago

you are literally the only person who likes scat. Id keep it to myself if i were you. you shouldn't fucking review or attempt to humor Reply Report

Noscopes -6 points1544 days ago

Wow m8
You have a stupid sense of humor
I'm gonna rekt you in the bum
Reply Report

frankw265 -115 points1646 days ago

Bad camera! Bad sound! Rather submissive! Violence is not sexy! No cocksucking! No pussy eating! Lame pussy play! No tit sucking! Lame tit play! Bad tits! Mechanical performances! Bad view! Jackoff ending! Lame cumshot! Weak. Reply Report

wolfygotsjokes   0 points120 days ago

this the type of guy who jerks off to fortnite porn too. Reply Report

wolfygotsjokes +1 points120 days ago

this the type of guy who jerks off to fortnite porn too. Reply Report

pogonophile138 -1 points506 days ago

@ the tits are nice.... but the video sucks Reply Report

hentaiman +11 points1080 days ago

says the one in his moms basement Reply Report
John Cena

John Cena   0 points1080 days ago

Omg you destroyed him Reply Report
Giant Dad

Giant Dad +8 points1226 days ago

What are you a fucking casual Reply Report