Painful Triple Penetration

She is loosing control in this wild and painful anal group fuck and starts screaming loud but loses to three horny macho who forcefully enter her in all her holes.

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angelique21 +50 points1380 days ago

What a lucky girl. I love this kind of sex. I don't cry I just moan with pleasure. Reply Report
cum play

cum play -4 points748 days ago

would love to chat sometime
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cuntuserxxx -8 points1380 days ago

i agree with you but have to add lucky guys as well Reply Report
Who you kidding?

Who you kidding? +23 points1381 days ago

This is exactly what she wants! Reply Report

:D +19 points980 days ago

I want to be taken advantage of. I have this fantasy where a couple close friends of mine and I go out drinking and partying and then at the end of the night they walk me back to my room and ask to come in and hang out a while.
And while I'm plastered I want one of them to make a move but I'm going to reject him
After rejecting him, I want him to keep trying and telling me it's okay and to relax while I'm trying to push him off of me
i want him to force me against a wall and start feeling my ass under my skirt and inch his way to my pussy
My body is going to betray me as I'm begging him to stop I start getting wet
All of his friends are watching and laughing at me and cheering him on as I'm crying and trying to get away
When I do break free, his friends ambush me and start ripping off my clothes as they're all laughing at my attempts to stop them. Let's just say there are four guys to give you a good image
After they get done playing with me they throw me on the couch and two of them are holding me down and no matter how hard I fight I can't move. My body as fully betrayed me by this time as I'm dripping wet and crying and screaming
One of them begins prying my legs open and fingers me and licks my clit to embarrass, and it will because I won't be able to hold back my voice
He'll spit in my mouth and tell me to shut up and forcefully pry my legs open again so he can penetrate me
The others are still laughing at me while they hold me down and try to stick their dicks in my screaming mouth to shut me up
The one inside me starts fucking me ragged and cums inside me very quickly and laughs at me and calls to the fourth guy whose just been watching
He comes over and drops his pants and starts to pry open my twisted legs. He gives up and turns me over and starts fucking my asshole
I'm in so much agony but I can't scream bc one of the men has their hand tightly gripped around my throat as he's trying to push his cock in my mouth
I'm wishing he would hurry up and cum already but he just keeps fucking my ass for what seems like an eternity and as soon as I think I'm going to black out from pain one man pulls me up on my feet and gets underneath me.
He tells me to ride his dick or else he'll slit my throat
So I do and they start laughing again, laughing bc I'm scared
While I'm riding one mans dick another comes from behind and starts fucking me in the ass again. I start crying, begging him to stop bc it hurts but the man I'm on top of grabs my throat and it feels like he's going to crush me
They both cum inside me, so that's three down and one to go
The fourth has an evil grin on his face while he's looking at me, watching the cum drip out of my holes
I've given up by now and I lay there motionless as he enters me
He starts fucking me missionary whispering to me that he's always thought I was a slut and that he's always wanted to do this
He flips me over and smashes my face down in the pillow
Everyone else has gone outside to smoke and laugh about happened
Gripping my hair he starts fucking me really hard and I'm crying begging him to stop bc I'm going to cum, it feels so good but I hate it
I can feel my pussy convulse around his cock as I cum and he starts to laugh and asks me if I'm having fun
He sticks it in my ass and fucks it for a while before cumming
He sits on the couch next to me and gets dressed without saying a word
They all leave me in my room confused, hurt and full of their cum

I live near Clarksville tn (;
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:*   0 points813 days ago

I'll make you my toy I love your fantasy and I'm in Jackson tn
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bbwgiannam +1 points852 days ago

We need you honey .. let me make you beg were in Bama :)
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Scout -2 points887 days ago

wow Reply Report
slut fucker

slut fucker +13 points1380 days ago

wish that was my wife being forced to suck cock straight from her ass Reply Report

ra666pe +12 points1380 days ago

Oh yes, just treat the bitch like fuckmeat with 3 holes Reply Report

Sluttyslave +11 points1375 days ago

I wish someone would fuck me like this ;) Reply Report
Big cock

Big cock -1 points752 days ago

Il fuck your like that Reply Report

joe1217 +4 points1365 days ago

I'll put my hands around your throat and bust your fuckholes open Reply Report

dirtyjessi14 +8 points1247 days ago

Wish someone would do this too me. But I'm a virgin so it would probably hurt worse. Reply Report

Chokerface +1 points314 days ago

@dirtyjessi14 good! Its supposed to hurt! You are supposed to scream and cry and beg. Thats your role.
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love this

love this +6 points1371 days ago

I'm a minor and all but I fucking love this type of porn. Hardcore and triple penetration. I like how she screamed when the 2nd penis went deep inside her ass and the 3rd guy with his penis just grabbed her head and let her suck on it ballz DEEEEEP while she screams. best fucking porn in a while no sarcasm. Reply Report

michi +5 points1380 days ago

name of this little blonde ? Reply Report

FoundMyPeople +5 points1055 days ago

God I love this site. Reply Report

humiliated_pig +1 points1380 days ago

Very hot Reply Report

slut-whore   0 points693 days ago

I want someone to do this to me so bad... Reply Report

Names   0 points236 days ago

What's her name Reply Report

veridious   0 points609 days ago

nivea Reply Report

WTF   0 points1245 days ago

holy shit, at 2:50 the guy who's doing anal bends his dick and doesn't flinch Reply Report
E xx

E xx   0 points934 days ago

Oh god I wish I had someone to fuck me like that!
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Ketos   0 points687 days ago

I can >:} Reply Report

jazzerboy   0 points1003 days ago

She fucking loves it ! well done guys!! Reply Report

Bnc61513   0 points910 days ago

Wish someone would fuck me like this... Reply Report

littleKitten   0 points698 days ago

please fuck me like this if not rougher

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AnonyMars1234   0 points468 days ago

Does anyone know who the girl is? What her name is? Reply Report

Gfk   0 points377 days ago

Well, probably this can be classified as rape. Regardless the contract she obviosly didn't read attentively Reply Report

Ggjg -1 points805 days ago

Jffhjgf Reply Report

KillYourselves -8 points1380 days ago

You sick motherfuckers. Reply Report
Yeah no..

Yeah no.. -16 points1380 days ago

Have to say I'd beat the fuck out of all of those pieces of shit.
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deez nutzz

deez nutzz -1 points1380 days ago

And I'll beat your mother with my black cock Reply Report

Lol +22 points1380 days ago

My mother would slap you in the face with her black cock.

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LANCER -18 points1034 days ago

Holy shit, are there only sick, perverted, rapist, mental waste of air in here?? You freaking people are sick and even if this is not real but I believe she means when she yells NO BECAUSE OF WHAT THE SPICS SAY.. This is provoking Rape or hint Rape and hat to be is beyond sticking but what can you expect!! Trump is right there all Rapist!!! Reply Report

. +4 points707 days ago

You are joking right? Reply Report

frankw265 -38 points1380 days ago

Nice performances! Violence is not sexy! Lame tit play! Timid cocksucking! Nice penetractions! No tit sucking! No pussy eating! Lame pussy play! No rimming! Lame anal play! No cumshots! No swallowing! Rubbish. Reply Report

Lancer -16 points1034 days ago

I agree, this is a huge turn off.. Specially how those SPICS TREAT HER AND CALLED HER.. White trash.. FUCK ALL THOSE WETBAGS!! Even if not real pretending to recreate violence or rape is a huge turn off!!! TRUMP IS RIGHT, THERE RAPIST! Reply Report