Rape Of Sleeping Girl

When she started snoring he knew the sleeping had pills kicked in and he gave himself permission to do whatever he like.

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sleepyslut26 +45 points1073 days ago

Wish someone would do this to me! Reply Report
I'd do it

I'd do it +16 points1073 days ago

I'd do it, I'd cum inside you too ;) Reply Report

V1 +8 points1073 days ago

Hahahah, the video is awesome :DD
Best part: the finger "shhhh"
Reply Report

aj8805 +8 points1017 days ago

I want this to happen to me ;) Reply Report

Anomalous +4 points739 days ago

Did you find someone to do this to you? You still on here Reply Report

Miclo +3 points786 days ago

It can be arranged lol Reply Report

aj8805 +1 points726 days ago

;) Reply Report

SydneyxBaex69 +2 points1026 days ago

wish someone would do this to me ;)) Reply Report

Mimi +2 points515 days ago

God I play to this all the time, I want someone to fill me as I sleep Reply Report

beezy +1 points1040 days ago

I'll be your daddy @sophieslave Reply Report

Creampie101 +1 points708 days ago

I want to walk in the room right after he gets done with her and find her exactly like that. Laying there naked and passed out with cum leaking out of her freshly fucked sloppy pussy! I would be so turned on that I would repeat this video! I love sleeping pussy! Reply Report

pitchbreeder +1 points694 days ago

Just the way I would do it! Nut inside!! Reply Report

HubbywithaSleepyWife +1 points55 days ago

So hot! I started grinding up zimovane and putting it in my wife's drinks then taking advantage of her when she was out cold, I was never brave enough to fuck her though in case she woke up, I would just strip her, cum on her tits and take photos, I shared the pics online and I got chatting to some guys who were into her pics and I got talking about letting them fuck her when she was unconscious, we even set a date and I was gonna film her being fucked by this stranger whilst she snores he cum inside her pussy and then I was gonna eat her out straight after and he film that.... I chickened out though and haven't spoken since. Reply Report

5ft3andadorable   0 points105 days ago

Sleep sex is the best sex Reply Report
ScarY man

ScarY man   0 points1072 days ago

Leave your address and it won't take too long..... Reply Report
For 4ealzgirl

For 4ealzgirl -1 points461 days ago

Really ☺ Reply Report

cuntuserxxx   0 points1073 days ago

@sleepyslut26 yeah i'd line up to help you on this issue Reply Report

Fuckmelikethisplz   0 points245 days ago

How fucking lucky can you get, i wish a guy would use me like this fuck Reply Report

Sleeprapist   0 points208 days ago

Where do you live I'll come rape you Reply Report

precumdaddy -1 points1068 days ago

this was excellent, my better half gets drunk as fuck every weekend and I do this to her. Reply Report

austinlorenzo227 -1 points1072 days ago

just another drunk passed out unclefucking whore slut ya whos turn is it now??? everybody gets a turn dont worry!! Reply Report

Cexae -1 points393 days ago

Bdb Reply Report

Bigdaddyej -1 points319 days ago

Who want this done this done to them
Reply Report