Burning man

Woman calls 911 after discovering a Man on fire in front of Miami cemetery.

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sk +4 points1263 days ago

Nice fucking world we live in. A human being on fire and even though he's probably dead, this heartless cunt would prefer to capture it on a mobile phone than give him some dignity by extinguishing the flames. Reply Report

cjay1025   0 points1263 days ago

so besides calling authorities, which they did, they were supposed to act as firefighters too? ppl always find something to complain about. YES the world is messed up but calling them "heartless cunts" because they wont rush in stupidly and try to out the flames is just ignorant Reply Report
Toby Jugg

Toby Jugg   0 points1263 days ago

Not counting the cunts who were blasting their car horns as they drove past. What a wank world we all live in! Reply Report
Neo-Nazi Scum!

Neo-Nazi Scum!   0 points1257 days ago

The Red Army taught you a lesson and all you do all day is bitch on about it! Oh yeah - poor guy in the video... Reply Report

SMF   0 points690 days ago

Must be new way to self tan Reply Report

Obie   0 points401 days ago

New economy cremation service, save 50% we drop your loved one off at the cemetery, you bury, save 50% off ! Reply Report

Sym54   0 points445 days ago

Thank God this worthless cunt sat there videotaping it, otherwise she would have had to live with herself after at least trying to put the flames out. OMG! I'm so scared. Let's drive off. Fucking USELESS!!! Reply Report