Japanese Diarrhea Overload

For those of you wondering about a Japanese girl's facial expression while she's using watery shit to paint her toilet brown, look no further. The people who made this video were kind enough to go with some picture-in-picture technology just for you!

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Girl Poo Lover

Girl Poo Lover +13 points1566 days ago

The sight of a gorgeous Jap girl having diarrhoea on the toilet makes me want to come. I wish I could bum fuck her before she goes :) Reply Report

ilikecookies2 +2 points1111 days ago

i get so hard when watching Japanese Girls in heels blasting their Chunky Diarrhea everywhere! Reply Report

tompearl   0 points1567 days ago

I was my mouth was that toilet! Reply Report
The REAL American Idiot

The REAL American Idiot   0 points1567 days ago

So do I! I would give anything to be underneath this girl. Can you imagine the smell? Makes me hard just thinking about it. :) Reply Report

braden   0 points1569 days ago

My cock got rock hard. Damn. After watching for the 3rd time I fucking exploded Reply Report

Rich92   0 points960 days ago

A great video to wank off to.I love seeing women shitting and puking. Reply Report

Osmosis   0 points840 days ago

Great video.I always masturbate watching Japanese poop videos,they make my cock shoot so hard. Reply Report

XRozer   0 points492 days ago

Why , i dont see this video? Reply Report

Shit-demon   0 points449 days ago

SHIT OVERLOADDDDDDED!!!!!!!! *passes out from blood rush to the balls* Reply Report
poo lover

poo lover   0 points174 days ago

why isn't the tp brown when she wipes? Why doesn't she tuck her dress up out of the way, it must of been soiled by the splashes!
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Dirty Boy

Dirty Boy -1 points1565 days ago

OMFG I'm in love. Love her to do that in a nappy, then make love to her while she's sooooo dirty between her legs, or let her do it while riding me 'reverse cowgirl'.......heaven :) Reply Report

kfor -2 points1569 days ago

great shot.not ready to fuck it Reply Report

Dagestan -2 points1568 days ago

Wow, those crouching toilets sure flush better than the sitting ones! I want one in my house! Reply Report

manatee -3 points1569 days ago

until HEAVY R i never even looked twice at an asian woman/now its all i desire or look at/beatiful color brown/she knows to wipe away from the pussy/japanese are so clean i am shocked she did not clean the toilet/hot chick Reply Report
The REAL American Idiot

The REAL American Idiot +4 points1568 days ago

Asian women produce the best poo! If you go through all the scat videos here, 99% are Asian toilet videos. My personal favourite subject!! Reply Report