Pussy Is Stitched For Anal Fuck

This chick's pussy has a lot of piercings, for for this extreme adventure she gets each labia stitched together. One needle per labia. She then gets a rough anal fucking while using a magic wand on herself which makes her orgasm powerfully.

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Filthygit +16 points1442 days ago

Now this as women everyone wants because she will always demand more. Once you have done something she will will need something different to enhance what was already given. Sex progression NEXT and what you give her she will give you. The universe only stops when you run out of things to do.Check this ladies body, firm, lovely breasts,skin tone and texture is awesome. Prime meat for anyone. Brilliant vid and the small dick? does she care, something very nice going on about these two. Love it, keep it up, you have fans. Reply Report

explorer   0 points1442 days ago

"Love it, keep it up, you have fans".

She does indeed! ;)
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Filthygit +2 points1442 days ago

This women understand pain/pleasure = orgasm/give me more Reply Report

wtsbob +2 points1442 days ago

Real horny, like the way the legs are chained back and her arsehole is reamed Reply Report

Fvckmehoney +2 points1442 days ago

I jerked off to this Reply Report

Indonesia +1 points1441 days ago

I hope modern women in the world play their pussy and ass with needles. Reply Report

Fistmyass   0 points383 days ago

Teeny, tiny dick. Should've used the dildo the whole time. Reply Report

pornaddictguy420 -3 points1442 days ago

lol nice stitch that pussy up. hell yeah stick it in her butthole all girls love it up the shitter lol.. would love to see her poop too btw Reply Report

Fuckyou -3 points1442 days ago

Not all women love anal you asshole Reply Report

Explorer   0 points1442 days ago

I've never seen a video where they use needles at the ass. I think it's because it is too painful. There has to be a balance between pain and hornyness, otherwise you'll only feel one of the two, and the point is to get her to have both. So while as a fantasy I understand what you're saying, I don't think it can be done - at least not the way that you put it, lol. Reply Report

EveryBodyGay -5 points1442 days ago

This dude has such an tiny dick Reply Report

Explorer +1 points1442 days ago

Oh, who cares if he has a tiny dick. There are plenty of big dicks around to watch, don't get stuck up on that 'tiny' detail. ;) Reply Report

manatee -1 points1441 days ago

look at the size of that pisshole/wow/i think he puts that little thing in there/im jealous mine would never fit Reply Report

explorer +1 points1411 days ago

That's a problem that can always be resolved. Key words: Stretching and training. ;) Reply Report

frankw265 -6 points1441 days ago

No blowjob! No rimming! No anal play! No tit sucking! No tit play! Nice penetration! Bad edits! Dildo in her ass, really!? Come on! No cumshot! Rubbish. Reply Report