Snake Cut Open

Big snake is cut open right after his lunch, while still alive! For the first time I'm feeling sorry for the snake...

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but why ?

but why ? +19 points1390 days ago

Thay say there might be a child inside thats why Reply Report
But Why?

But Why? +2 points1391 days ago

Seriously, why? What is the point? Are they going to feed their entire filthy village by eating the snake as well as the snakes undigested prey? Or did they really just kill a beautiful animal of nature for no other reason than to hack it open for the shit of it!?! Granted, it is pretty damn cool to see that the snake has a friggen alligator in its stomach!! but come on, no need to kill it! These people have zero humanity and more/most importantly modern day brains complete with reasoning power and rationale! Reply Report

redhot11 +1 points793 days ago

they should have cut open the aligator to see what's inside that Reply Report

matt -6 points1383 days ago

shit people don't care for life ... just like the shit islamists .... this is why if you are in a civilised country you are automatically a better human than people like this Reply Report

despicable -12 points1391 days ago

Fucking Animal cruelty right there! Reply Report

Satan -13 points1391 days ago

Idiots Reply Report