Woman Anal Gang Raped

A hot white woman is gang raped by some hung black dudes. They rip off her clothes violently and try to grab her firm before brutally anal raping her in this interracial gangbang.

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Explorer +30 points1304 days ago

It's not possible to make it completely like the real thing, everybody would get hurt in the process if they tried to achieve that. But this get's pretty close. Well played - especially the girl and the leading guy (meaning the guy who talks/gives orders). I think some people could be convinced by this performance. Well done, folks. Reply Report
rape lover

rape lover +24 points1198 days ago

my buddys and i raped my wife just like that accept we used a spider gag because she is a biter and we all fucked her ass while she cryed and beged us to stop Reply Report

angelique21 +10 points1263 days ago

What a lucky girl. Having been used and abused like this myself I can't understand what she made such a fuss for. If you know there is no way out then you just may as well lay back and enjoy it.Any way that's what I think.... Any one out there want's to grab me???? Reply Report

Anon +4 points1302 days ago

I find it humorous that we are actually haveing an intellectual conversation about a rape pornogrophy. I'm not condemning it by any means. I just thought it interesting
Reply Report

if6was9 +7 points1295 days ago

We're not perverts here. We're connoisseurs. :D Reply Report

samanthadutchslut +4 points520 days ago

Fuck yeah this is the way to make me happy mmm Reply Report

tjlickass +2 points1115 days ago

One of the more realistic rape videos.. Would give anything to watch my wife raped by a group of black guys for days...until the slut is pregnant Reply Report

randomjerker +2 points456 days ago

I had an ex who loved rape play and sounded a lot like this. She seriously got off on fighting against me and being forced into submission. (yes, completely consensual - it was her fetish...I didn't think it really existed until I dated her). It was physically demanding, but still some of the wildest sex I've ever had. Reply Report

ingomat +2 points904 days ago

Thau shall be strong to handle a white wild cat Reply Report

jriebe1952 +2 points523 days ago

love it Reply Report

dimitar19 +1 points90 days ago

wife paying husbands debt, , pity he didnt come home half way through Reply Report

Zordar   0 points1248 days ago

What is the name of the full video? Reply Report

Vjgi   0 points477 days ago

Fkdk Reply Report

Hornywife23   0 points693 days ago

They never hit the gal hard enough in these videos... Reply Report

LeslieCreeper   0 points591 days ago

Watch the movie "Irreversible" in which the female, played by actress Monica Bellucci, gets anally raped in a pedestrian tunnel for 10 minutes, and then she gets beaten and kicked to a pulp. Brutal, but totally hot. Reply Report

Yankee33   0 points679 days ago

Real fear leads to women emptying their bowels. Yes they shit themselves with fear. No such fear on display here but the actress does sound sort of stressed and partly upset. Reply Report

joseph2306   0 points421 days ago

If it was real i could see getting hurt and it is a good video. Reply Report

pisshorts   0 points348 days ago

That's more like it Reply Report