Tourists Pay To Feed Live Animals To Crocodiles

I'd pay anything to watch these cunts fall in!

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Frank +10 points1277 days ago

It's sick. I really wish those people whose did this to be thrown there and be eaten alive. Reply Report

Janne +3 points1276 days ago

Sjuka människor som åker på semester och skämmer ut sej. Att sedan lägga upp det till allmän beskådan visar ju hur smarta ni är. Reply Report

fackoff +2 points1270 days ago

i would eat all the crocs they taste like chicken Reply Report

Billy +1 points1276 days ago

Din dumme jävel!! Jag vet var du bor ditt as! Reply Report

So?   0 points1276 days ago

To all the pussies in the comments section bitching about the injustice of this, crocodiles need to eat too. What are the keepers supposed to do, starve them? This is how the food chain works. I'm a vegetarian btw b4 anyone accuses me of animal cruelty. Reply Report

Yep   0 points1183 days ago

So has a point here, they do need to eat. Besides, in the wild, crocs drown their prey. The duck gets off lucky and dies in 2-3 bites. Reply Report

Kuk +4 points1276 days ago

Go sit on a cucomber faggot! Reply Report

So! -3 points1276 days ago

I'm gay for respecting the food chain? Why don't you learn to spell the word cucumber you mongoloid retard.

Let me ask you this: do you eat chicken? If so, then why the fuck would you get offended at a crocodile eating a fucking chicken? Bunch of hypocrites...
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Scenic   0 points1276 days ago

Fucking twofaced motherfucker. Throw a living duck to the crocos, and then say in norwegian "naaww, poor guy" Reply Report

mange -5 points1276 days ago

Its swedish.. Reply Report

Swirl   0 points1276 days ago

Wrong.That´s not swedish. I´m from Sweden, the language we hear is norwegian. Reply Report
Non Member

Non Member   0 points1064 days ago

It's absolutely normal that crocodiles eat living animals. If the tourist wouldn't feed them, then someone else has to feed them. It doesn't really matters
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bad mother fucker

bad mother fucker -3 points1276 days ago

I'd kick that pussies ass.then I'd throw his ass in there..Don't show this bullshit on here you cocksuckers. Reply Report