Gang Rape Ritual

This is some sort of sweet 18 birthday ritual in a depressing Russian village where the daughter of one of the men is tossed around and brutally deflored in a gang rape.

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FFlynn +21 points1333 days ago

Who are the retards that name these clips. It's an ITALIAN film Starring Rocco SIFFREDI. After this rape the gang then go on to rape Three more girls in a Motorbike garage, Then later in the movie He [Rocco] and one of these guys take a girl by force into Rocco's house and rape her real good or Bad if you are the girl!! Reply Report

dunno184   0 points144 days ago

@FFlynn name of the original Italian movie? Reply Report

Frank +1 points1250 days ago

Yep fake! It's Rocco again. No real screams of rape. Reply Report

randallthrockmorton +19 points1332 days ago

Did that motherfucker just twirl while jumping up and down like an excited schoolgirl? Reply Report
attention to detail

attention to detail +11 points1333 days ago

If they are Russians, why are they talking Italian? Reply Report

bitch +5 points1333 days ago

jaaa, so ist es richtig! jedes weib sollte am 18. Geburtstag von allen männlichen verwandten ordentlich durchgefickt werden! Reply Report

pozrubskin   0 points731 days ago

Ganz deiner Meinung , das Weib ist ein Stück Fleisch und Besamungsloch für die ganze Männliche Verwandtschaft . Reply Report
your nasty

your nasty +4 points1333 days ago

100% fake the guy in the leather jacket and light jeans is rocco siffredi porno king lol so probably not even russian Reply Report

penisman +4 points1333 days ago

Fake. Reply Report

Buddy +3 points1333 days ago

It's Italian you morons! :D Not so bad! :) Reply Report

boris +1 points478 days ago

Запад привык везде видеть русских....Мы русские уже привыкли к тому что в Европе и Америке правды нет! Reply Report

Bori(ng)   0 points135 days ago

@boris Ты на наркотиках Reply Report

brittany +2 points1180 days ago

whats the name of the movie Reply Report

komplaptop +1 points625 days ago

This is italian porn film Reply Report

friendlyvag88 +1 points1203 days ago

Rocco Siffredi's italian porn Reply Report

Butter +1 points638 days ago

It may have started out rape, but she ended reaching for those cocks. Reply Report

hmmm   0 points906 days ago

Yes Reply Report

Devathalapathy   0 points222 days ago

Not real, yet super ;-) Reply Report

cvnjkk   0 points609 days ago

gggh Reply Report
fill name

fill name   0 points507 days ago


Rm   0 points413 days ago

Hi Reply Report

Budlover   0 points221 days ago

fuckenchood!! Fake like ur mom's balls !!! Rocco....
Reply Report

angelique21 -1 points1333 days ago

Here is a typical example of how Russians seduce a girl. Still she did get a fuck out of it, so not all bad. Reply Report
Jackass in a can

Jackass in a can +2 points451 days ago

They're Italians so try again you humpback whale. Reply Report
Jay Bones

Jay Bones -1 points888 days ago

Deflored? Well, they didn't put her on the floor. Deflowered? Obviously not, as there was no pain or blood.

Also the one dude in the jean jacket her spins around at the beginning when they're "tossing her" looked pretty queer.
Reply Report

jake -2 points1250 days ago

Real rape she would be screaming and kicking and there would be blood. Reply Report

bastard -4 points1332 days ago

ok so what if italian not russian it is great guys enjoying themselves getting their rights Reply Report
What the....

What the.... +8 points1275 days ago

Since when is raping a teenage girl a "Right?" What are you -- an Arab, virgin, douchebag from the Taliban? Reply Report

frankw265 -11 points1333 days ago

Violence is not sexy! Bad view! If she were being raped, why not bite that cock and kick and slap! No cum shot! Do they ever take off her clothes! Rubbish. Reply Report