Extreme Whipping And Fighting

Extreme whipping session of several hot babes by a stunning blonde mistress who doesn't hold back. She whips them so hard, enjoying the screams from her slaves as they are injured. The blonde domina is then ordered to wrestle fight other chicks to show her dominance.

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giber +17 points1299 days ago

Good video. If the whore will not do what sh is told that is how tontreat them. The tit and cunt beating was great. The welts on the bitch's body were beautiful. The screaming was great. Reply Report

shawna127 -1 points517 days ago

I completely agree with giber. Just read his comment and you will see how "Excited" he got from watching. The poor guy couldn't write. I wonder how many times he "ERUPTED"? Reply Report
Jessica and KJ

Jessica and KJ   0 points411 days ago

You look hot Shawna. Do you like the whip ?
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Funguy +10 points1203 days ago

The slave who receives 50 lashes takes a pretty good beating! Her tits are raw, her stomach and inner thighs are raw with purple / reddish welts. I love the hot blond who lays on the first 12 lashes. But she disobeyed her master who told her to remove her panties. As a result she should have been flogged even worse than the other - say 75 strokes!! Reply Report
rhonda's dad

rhonda's dad +8 points1276 days ago

would love to watch my adult daughter take a beating like that all over her tits, cunt and ass. Reply Report
preteen whore

preteen whore +4 points708 days ago

my daddy does it to me Reply Report

SADOR   0 points673 days ago

John D.

John D. +4 points560 days ago

Goddamn that one girl was tough as nails. Serious respect, holy shit. Reply Report

pervertje1963 +2 points1051 days ago

This is so Fucking Horney to watch Reply Report
No name

No name +1 points1202 days ago

I deserve to be severely whipped and punished! Nothing works anymore- so the best punishment for me is to have a hot woman flog me harshly and beat my testicles! Whip me so severe I almost pass out and beat my testicles bad. That way I'll suffer twice - I'll feel horrible pain and be humiliated that I can't have sex with her just torture! Reply Report

msmonique +1 points1089 days ago

Absolutely ADORE Elite Pain vids!!! <3 Reply Report

chris773 +1 points486 days ago

That was great but when any of my subs start to freak out or rebel in any way they get punished more - why don't I ever see these supposedly trained subs ever use lamas style breathing exercises to cope with the pain? if that was my sub I would have brought out the bare-tooth metal spring loaded aligator and crocadile clips and put them on those nipples and labias but all in all i give that vid an A+ love it!! Reply Report

Funguy   0 points1204 days ago

Damn would I liked to take the place of the woman who is whipped by that fabulously gorgeous blond at about 20 minutes. The difference is I wouldn't want her to stop - let that hot bitch whip me the entire time! And more than 50 strokes- way more!! Reply Report
No name

No name   0 points1202 days ago

What humiliation if I could be whipped by the blond mistress that brutally whips the slave at 20 minutes. She's so hot and lays her strokes with harshness. She could do my back and balls for 100 lashes. Or till I'm barely conscious. Reply Report

SADOR   0 points673 days ago

Maldita sea¡¡¡ ¿por que no les sacan los zapatos ? deben estar totalmente desnudas esas perras Reply Report