Aftermath of toilet poop accident

Japanese office girl with diarrhea has a big clean up on her hands after an accident in the ladies room

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ShitHitsTheFan +31 points1393 days ago

How you can rate this anything but a 5 is beyond me. I mean if your watching it your into it, and how can you not enjoy watching that shit hit the wall... Then she tries to clean it up. Lol oh man, so great. Reply Report

wetdreams +10 points1243 days ago

Wow. I'd fuck her right there. Reply Report

me +5 points1241 days ago

she should of shit in the broom cupboard!!! Reply Report
The REAL American Idiot

The REAL American Idiot +5 points1310 days ago

The best part was from 4 minutes 10, to 5 minutes 40. A PROPER poo. Non of this watery shit!! ( pardon the pun ) Reply Report

berry +4 points1405 days ago

this shit is awesome, would not hire her for cleaning though! Reply Report

BoyWonder +3 points1174 days ago

Made me so hard. I came at the end. Reply Report

RobloxSavage +3 points38 days ago

I’m 9 years old and I busted a super hard nut to this I wanna fuck that girl so hard while she’s shifting everywhere. That would be the shit! Reply Report

RobloxSavage +2 points36 days ago

@RobloxSavage Reply Report
fij mij movmgovmgouvgmv98ugjc9guicj035u8j6y9u8v5t9

fij mij movmgovmgouvgmv98ugjc9guicj035u8j6y9u8v5t9 +2 points36 days ago

That was hyperscat Reply Report

antiscatlover +1 points15 days ago

burn in hell faggot Reply Report
Lil Pump

Lil Pump +1 points358 days ago

What a shitty situation Reply Report
Call me darling 077**1***7*

Call me darling 077**1***7* +1 points82 days ago

Even though the poor love poo'ed her self accidentally, id still love to have her as my girl friend she's a sexy babe nice and slim she looks a lovely girl Reply Report

Legantrah20   0 points697 days ago

Dude. That Kilbasa type shit. ZOWIE MOMMAH Reply Report

Earnestthompkins   0 points471 days ago

Stop crying Reply Report
Hot Guy

Hot Guy   0 points198 days ago

She looks a nice looking girl even if she had a shit accident I'd love her to be my gf long as she cleans up her act lol clean up get it lol Reply Report

assho   0 points125 days ago

fake movie Reply Report
Sniffing my gf pussy

Sniffing my gf pussy   0 points101 days ago

I'm came so hard when she sprayed the wall with her shit omg my dick is twitching with cum Reply Report

pussylover000   0 points46 days ago

I don't understand. The bathroom door is next to her. Reply Report

EyeCandy -1 points731 days ago

That girls Asian ass is so hot!!! After her shit I would like to fuck her in that poop shoot. I will cum so hard in there!!! Reply Report

ukman -1 points1112 days ago

Super Reply Report

Daisyberwick -1 points545 days ago

Not an accident at all Reply Report
Steve McFudge

Steve McFudge -1 points64 days ago

What if it was a push to open door instead of a pull to open? This is comedy GOLD! I truly sympathize with her. I live in China most of the year and every single time I go out to eat I know I'm going to be shitting somewhere. Now we just need the Benny Hill theme playing during the video! Reply Report