Rape By Bottle

Wasted drunk amateur party slut gets bottlefucked while passed out.

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Big John

Big John +41 points1566 days ago

to hell with the bottle... Id stick my dick off in her if she was that passed out getcha some ..... talk about a wasted opportunity! at the very least Id put a load on her cute little face Reply Report

Creampie101 +40 points1161 days ago

What the hell is wrong with this guy??? I'm sorry but if she was laying there passed out with no panties on and I found her like that I would definitely be sliding my dick into her and fucking her like an animal until I pumped my load deep inside her pussy! Then I would call some friends over and watch them take turns fucking her and filling her pussy with even more cum and after they were done with her I would immediately fuck her sloppy, freshly fucked, swollen, stretched out, loaded with cum pussy again and pump another load deep inside of her! Reply Report

Slutypussy -1 points103 days ago

@Creampie101 i fucking would love that if u do that to me Reply Report

yanxxx +1 points311 days ago

@Creampie101 Please do all this to me <3 Reply Report

Sexxxy -1 points569 days ago

Dammit--I was trying to press "+" but accidentally hit "report." I'm so sorry...your post is hot haha Reply Report

O.oSoMuchPorn +17 points881 days ago

I'm a female why am I strangely aroused by this comment O.O Reply Report
Count Spankulots

Count Spankulots +1 points243 days ago

Hmmm... Maybe you're a female AND a nasty whore?
Reply Report

punkman +23 points1422 days ago

That's not rape he just thinks her pussy is dehydrated. Reply Report

Useher +19 points1565 days ago

What a hot little piece of ass, would of shoved it up her little asshole to then shove my dick into her till I filled her full of cum Reply Report
Mr X

Mr X +14 points1538 days ago

Straight away Id put a addy in Craigslist Sell her holes to as many guys as I could that night line them up and no condoms take better video then keep on pimping her or show vids to family !! Reply Report

cambam +14 points1421 days ago

I love this stuff. I've done it a few times myself and taken pics. Having this power over a woman is awesome turn on. Reply Report

fdasfasd +12 points1565 days ago

seriously, why didnt he just fuck her??? Reply Report

Twooutoften +7 points1566 days ago

Video is too blurry and this is the worst "rape" ever Reply Report

XnX +6 points737 days ago

I would have left that bottle shoved halfway up her pussy after I fucked her. Reply Report

sickboy +5 points1537 days ago

Smeie girl, you're on the internet... forever Reply Report
your mother

your mother +2 points433 days ago

Ya some sick mother fucker like these comments are out of control Reply Report

dumbwildflower +2 points135 days ago

i wish things like this happened to me at parties :( Reply Report
Dan Mark from Denmark

Dan Mark from Denmark +1 points1216 days ago

It is a "Myanmar" Beer Bottle!
This could be a burmese bar girl who is already payed? And this film could be taking place after the payed sex when she has fallen asleep? Just theories exept for the bottle.
Reply Report

Almost +1 points669 days ago

More.. Pls Reply Report

pisshorts   0 points679 days ago

Fuck what a hottie, who wouldn't want to fuck her Reply Report

Cummin   0 points667 days ago

Damn! Throw that fuckin cellphone away. I'll give you a GOGOPro! Reply Report

plzpunishme   0 points645 days ago

I am thoroughly unimpressed Reply Report

niceguy66   0 points139 days ago

I would suck her nice hairy cunt Reply Report
Davecock sucker

Davecock sucker -1 points345 days ago

stupid, I`m sure if it was your daughter or sister you would think different Reply Report

Jorge -2 points1565 days ago

@katyz no it's fair game is if the sexual acts are within her concious consent. otherwise it's considered a legitimate rape. This is actually a felony. Reply Report

Painpuppy +7 points1007 days ago

But is is still a good strategy to get a fuck. Love fucking unconscious chicks who cant fight back Reply Report

. -4 points673 days ago

Jesus christ. Most of the people here are fucking barbaric animals. Have you people no civility... Reply Report