Tata beats baby 2 years old

Watch this video and see how a maid in Uganda tortured a 2 year old baby

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mwm2bfed +6 points1255 days ago

She needs to be arrested and molested anally with a baseball bat that has slivers! Reply Report
Tamaru Uchiha

Tamaru Uchiha +3 points1408 days ago

When she slapped her in the face twice, that was horrendous, but the moment she threw her on the floor, hit her many times with a solid object, kicked her in the side, the head and even went as far as to stamp on her FUCKING SPINE, I lost my shit. Africa really just needs to get nuked out of existence; it's full of poverty-ridden, cannibalistic, diseased and dirty individuals that just need to be vapourised. Reply Report

guest   0 points1408 days ago

One less niglet Reply Report
Crakkka Killa

Crakkka Killa +1 points1323 days ago

Yeah you filthy, shit eating, child molesting white motherfuckers. Reply Report

:) +4 points1408 days ago

Thank god for ebola Reply Report
Campu Chia

Campu Chia   0 points1403 days ago

Yes, perhaps there is a charity we could donate to, to help spread it over Africa?
Over the middle east as well yes?
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zfredi   0 points1377 days ago

nöt is igy megkéne taposni Reply Report