Fuck Her To Death

Guy fucks this cute brunette hard and uses his belt around her neck to slightly suffocate her but goes a bit too far and strangles her to death.

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funbarbie3 +43 points1608 days ago

please post more like this. Reply Report

funbarbie3 +5 points1608 days ago

we have posted a few like this and role play this way. Reply Report

reddyformore   0 points1531 days ago

Where do you post them, Barbie? Would be fun to watch. They usually get the time to death about right, I think. Strangulation deaths should take about 5 minutes. I think TV shows do a major disservice to the public when they depict them being relatively "quick," because it makes it seem less horrible than it really is (hanging, as well, unless there's a "long drop" that snaps the neck just right). It takes five minutes of no oxygen to the brain for brain death, AT LEAST TWO for most to lose consciousness. That's an eternity when someone's going through that (unless it's willing role-play, like you do). Put your hand on a red-hot stove burner for just ONE second and see how long THAT is, for instance. Time is RELATIVE. Reply Report

observer +4 points1309 days ago

she blinks, its fake, but damn good porn to kink up the norm.
she's a great actor! great job!!
Reply Report

Bundyphiliac +2 points786 days ago

This is absurdly hot. Reply Report

annoymmous +2 points902 days ago

wanna fuck and kill a bitch like thisss Reply Report

Bundyphiliac +1 points786 days ago

This is probably my favorite porn video of all time. Reply Report

oi +1 points1319 days ago

Da fuk did i just watch ?? Reply Report

antoniomamie +1 points850 days ago

if you ask me that dude banging this sluts cunt is A-0NE on the hunk charts man very handsome well built great abs & hot biceps every thing a hot guy should be his cock was super too. man 199% hot man... he gave that cunt a plowing just as I'd want.... If I were going to die an I was to be out to death by sex, man I would love to be under him from start to finish an assuming he deposited his man load deep inside she went to heaven well satisfied Reply Report

KittyKat38 +1 points257 days ago

I wish someone would fuck me this hard.. Reply Report

Urusika   0 points52 days ago

@KittyKat38 Sometimes, i'am confused Reply Report

dom17   0 points1608 days ago

Fucking loving it! Reply Report

beedee241   0 points1608 days ago

Great...I loved it! Reply Report

killer_clownz   0 points936 days ago

Asphyxiation makes you Cum harder it's great but be careful the singer from inxs actually killed himself by doing it... True story.... Reply Report

Bajaj   0 points146 days ago

Teri ma ki chut maar diya lavde ja ab apni maa ko chod bench of China ke Reply Report
You go to hell

You go to hell -1 points66 days ago

You are fucking sick what the fuck is this you are so fucking nasty who in their right mind does this you sick fuck Reply Report

Christen -1 points472 days ago

Spool fake. But I guess good enough for freaks, serial Rapist-murderers to keep themselves busy between victims. Reply Report

XxXiWaSsCa -1 points336 days ago

she blinks @15:12 lol Reply Report

FreakyDan -2 points813 days ago

is she really dead ? god ??? Reply Report
Horrible Acting

Horrible Acting -8 points1608 days ago

LOL Bitch blinked @5:12 Reply Report

niggerhaterjeremy -39 points1608 days ago

fuck i wish it was real..i'd love to fuck and choke nigger slut just like this Reply Report

annoyomus   0 points902 days ago

really kill a bitch like this ? Reply Report