Anal Sex With Passed Out Girlfriend

It isn't rape if it is your own girlfriend and she doesn't say no! She resisted anal sex every time I asked but after a wild party I slipped some roofies in her drink and when she passed out had my chance. I carefully removed her thong and lubed up her ass and finally had a go! I cum on her asshole and when she woke up next morning she thought it was a bad hangover haha.

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ched evans

ched evans +81 points1205 days ago

i do this to my gf when she comes home so drunk she doesnt know what shes doing lol Reply Report
Major Woody

Major Woody +14 points1205 days ago

I'd love to do this to both of my sister in laws and mother in law Reply Report
Major Woody

Major Woody +19 points1204 days ago

Except I would cum in their asses and not on them Reply Report

AZ +10 points1163 days ago

A bitch that hot should never be without cum dripping out of her ass anyways...anything less is a waste. Reply Report

616 +9 points1146 days ago

Any tips for talking my bf into doing something like this? Reply Report
John Paul III

John Paul III +5 points1192 days ago

He's basically drugged her with alcohol then raped her but I love it Reply Report

yea +5 points1205 days ago

i do it too! its sooo nice! Reply Report
You're Disgusting

You're Disgusting -1 points1205 days ago

congratulations on being a rapist Reply Report

aj8805 +5 points1086 days ago

I want this so bad Reply Report

angela +3 points1065 days ago

that was me Reply Report

Buck +2 points1168 days ago

Hot as hell! Such a great position anyway! Reply Report
GF´s ass raper

GF´s ass raper +1 points220 days ago

I used to do something similar to my ex gf. She wasent into anal, so when we went to bed, and she had slept for about 20-30 minutes, I knew she was deep asleep. I would just take her panties off, if she had them on. Put her legs on my shoulder, fuck her pussy for some lube, then use spit and go to town on her asshole. I loved it, and honestly she never knew. Just clean up afterwards, then go to sleep. Today I wish I had a digital cam. this is about 15 years ago, so smartphones didnt exist. Reply Report

Hedoublee   0 points487 days ago

O Reply Report

irishguy   0 points495 days ago

Picked up a few women like this at bar. Bring them home and they pass out. drunk women do it all Reply Report

Hedouble   0 points487 days ago

O Reply Report

fuckface -1 points551 days ago

Holy shit those arms are giraffe length Reply Report

DirtyOldMan_NJ -1 points373 days ago

POV, would have been much better! Reply Report

ANONBR -3 points378 days ago

Rape. Your fucking sicko. Reply Report

rim_me -7 points1205 days ago

This Is thankfully FAKE.
Yes is is RAPE even if it is your girlfriend and it is RAPE if without consent
Reply Report

nuh -1 points405 days ago

its ok to watch recordings of illegal acts Reply Report
You ass

You ass +4 points636 days ago

Y u gotta ruin it for everyone we like to enjoy the video thank you very much don't be a dick you asshole Reply Report
Capt Obvious

Capt Obvious -2 points1089 days ago

Not only is it fake passed out/roofie, but he's clearly not in her ass either. Just bad all around. Reply Report