Painful Anal

Poor girl crying in pain during forced anal by big black guy. Too bad for her this guy is not gonna stop until he had his orgasm, no matter what!

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Bigdick +27 points1498 days ago

I want to find a girl I can do this too and make her cry then leave her there in pain and joy Reply Report

Jenn28Dutch +6 points886 days ago

I love a guy whoknows how to take my ass. No prep, no lube and a deep fast pace. None of this pathetic shit. If I do anal I want to feel it. Reply Report

plzpunishme   0 points548 days ago

I agree Reply Report

sickboy +8 points1498 days ago

Dunno about the joy she is suposed to have, but luckily you only last a few seconds and you need a microscope to spot your dick Reply Report

Explorer +2 points1425 days ago

Oh, you know Bigdick? Interesting the two of you should end up here together, eh? ;) Reply Report

Butthurt +3 points1498 days ago

Burn like that ass tommorow morning! Reply Report

asterion +6 points1498 days ago

Destroy that slut's asshole! Reply Report
Bob Villa

Bob Villa +3 points1498 days ago

She loved Every second of it Reply Report

Gregio +1 points658 days ago

"Open it" lmao Reply Report
Like it hard

Like it hard   0 points518 days ago

Who is this guy Reply Report

...wut?   0 points1497 days ago

No one else saw the fake pink nails on the bloke? Reply Report

Explorer +2 points1425 days ago

No, it's just the way his nails look. Reply Report

Minamis   0 points273 days ago

I never make it to the end before I bust a nut. Reply Report

Hunnie   0 points160 days ago

@Minamis me too Reply Report

sirropenchain   0 points332 days ago

Id love to be tied down n have my ass destroyed like that Reply Report

bigsexybitch   0 points55 days ago

I have been looking for bbc to rape may anal and pussy. They know what a woman want. Love to swallow as well. Reply Report

Explorer -2 points1425 days ago

Nice video. I recognize this guy. He does these kinds of videos often - also gang bang rape videos (I'm not that keen on those - too much focus on the dudes having fun than on actually giving the woman a sexual domination experience) - and he always repeatedly says "Open it!". Nice woman in this one. I like that they let us see her expression, otherwise it might not have made the same impression. Reply Report

max -2 points1497 days ago

not the same girl.....
Reply Report

pornaddictguy420 -2 points1497 days ago

lol this is funny haha Reply Report

John -6 points1326 days ago

... How can you love a rape video ?! Oo Reply Report

plzpunishme +2 points548 days ago

Because rape videos are hot.. that's how Reply Report

Al -26 points1497 days ago

Why do they film Negroes mating? This is sick zoophilia. Reply Report

dohboy -12 points1096 days ago

i agree, tired of seeing niggers on here
Reply Report

Explorer +14 points1425 days ago

Why would you even focus or care about the guy's race? It's not about race, it's about sex. Moron! Reply Report