Hangman's Erection

Dangling from the neck, his pants around the ankles and with full blown erection

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yaz2188 +8 points1389 days ago

Why is this on a porn site? Reply Report
zz top

zz top +3 points1389 days ago

FAKE Reply Report

Zep +3 points1389 days ago

Yep. Reply Report

zacktam +2 points1387 days ago

the ropes are under his armpits Reply Report

Loa +2 points1387 days ago

It's the same clip looped..
look closely, just after he's front on it skips/jumps.
Reply Report
So Fake

So Fake +1 points1387 days ago

If it were real his dick wouldn't be twitching and he'd have shit running down his legs. Reply Report

antoniomamie   0 points597 days ago

don't know if this is trick photography or the real thing; whom ever he was had a beautiful cock wouldn't mind him hanging with a hard on imagine I can blow him daily an he can't get away. wonder if he still can shoot a load or as many as I can drawn from his hot balls, how it tastes especially if his been spinning for a few days. do you think. if he is truly dead think he has a hardon because he's now resting in the care of a thousand virgins again as fur me I would suck his hot erection it's my kind of toy. Reply Report

kk -1 points1389 days ago

I hope this is fake Reply Report
hangmans erection

hangmans erection -2 points1388 days ago

This was very common when hanging was the capital punishment in the UK, witches believed that Mandrake root grew from a hanged man's seed. Reply Report

aww -2 points1389 days ago

sweet im go do the same pd is real the is a murder or is a snuff company if im ring i see a video some time ago they hang a woman and record until die these bastard is crazy and the love see the sexuality when the people are dying but for persons like me these video is ok :3 Reply Report

uahaha -3 points1388 days ago

well i can still fap on this Reply Report