Forced Oral Sex

Poor girl is forced by asshole to perform oral sex to him in the woods.

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me +27 points1123 days ago

He's dirty, thats why she wont to suck. Reply Report

haha +12 points1117 days ago

shes crying because its too tiny theres nothing to suck Reply Report

Colin +7 points771 days ago

They should have tied her to a tree and caned her tits until she agreed to everything they wanted. She gives the guy his blowjob, etc., then they tie her to the tree again and leave her. Reply Report
No Mercy.

No Mercy. -1 points592 days ago

Yes! Reply Report

rapemygfqc +2 points333 days ago

Someone from Quebec want rape my Gf whit me ? pm me ! Reply Report

Oioi +1 points1018 days ago

Its malaysia. state name Perak, maybe. i think they threaten her if she doesnt want to fuck they will calling a cop. the last word she said 'its ok, lets go to the police i dont want to do sex' Reply Report

brado   0 points1122 days ago

They were caught by vilaggers,so they give them chance do what they want or sent them to the cops,sorry for my grammar Reply Report

TruthTeller   0 points242 days ago

That guy's cock (if you can call it that) is TINY! Reply Report

:O   0 points445 days ago

Dis real?! WTF! Reply Report

ivan1978   0 points224 days ago

malditos cobardes malnacidos...deberian darle de su propia medicina entre 5 o 6 hombres a cada uno y luego cortarle sus sucias manos...verás como asi no vuelven a abusar de ninguna mujer....

Reply Report

ivan1978   0 points224 days ago

malditos cobardes malnacidos hijos de putas...deberian de hacerle lo mismo a ellos entre 5 o 6 hombres a cadauno de esos abusadores antes de cortarles sus sucias manos,verás como asi no vuelven a abusar de una mujer,me cago en sus putas madres,mariconas de mierda Reply Report
Pork barrel spending

Pork barrel spending   0 points164 days ago

The guys growing tits Reply Report

xcxcx   0 points122 days ago

where is his dick
Reply Report

FB -1 points1122 days ago

It's come from Asia,but where is the country? Reply Report

plasticgem -1 points1123 days ago

nice Reply Report

fuckeroo -2 points1122 days ago

Shit acting and micropenis Reply Report

Dante -2 points1123 days ago

Esto tiene pinta de ser un delito... que asco y pobre mujer. Reply Report

hams -3 points1118 days ago

he ant got no dick she like ??? Reply Report

manatee -3 points1123 days ago

drama class students/she can act on camera Reply Report

manatee -2 points1123 days ago

i watched again/shes good/look how calm naked at beginning of vid and the licenxse plate of car is on film//thank GOD its not real Reply Report

drg -4 points1123 days ago

Suck that tiny little dicks bitch!!! Reply Report
Dr Jekyll

Dr Jekyll -7 points1120 days ago

Why do some women hate performing felatio sperm and seamon is healthy for you after all it helps produce babies Reply Report

I -10 points914 days ago

there's some good stuff here , to bad for his small dick but nice girl i would like to rape her with bottlee and then put the knife in her pussy while shit in her mouth
Reply Report

greymon -18 points1123 days ago

flaged Reply Report