Penis Drilling

Just when you think you've seen this freak comes along and shows you a new way to get off. For me hard to image this would ever make me cum, but apparently for some people it might work.

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.com +17 points1372 days ago

Last time i tried this i ended up in hospital. Reply Report
Pysche Doctor

Pysche Doctor +4 points1370 days ago

Hopefully you stopped by the Psychiatric wing for an assessment as well!!! Reply Report

bigcumload +13 points1371 days ago

please,drill yourself in the head... Reply Report

showbiz -6 points1371 days ago

leave him alone! Pretty dam odd but is his dick after all.
That doesn't mean he should kill him self.
He's not harming anyone but him self ...potentially.
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half cocked

half cocked +6 points1372 days ago

looks like the recipricating saw didn't work out Reply Report

Wtf +4 points1370 days ago

Omg wtf he's already brutalised his cock to the point he half chopped in half now he has to drill his pee hole until he sees blood to get off that is fucking messed up :/ what would drive you to wanna do that Reply Report

Psychiatrist   0 points960 days ago

Some people have bad experiences with sex or were abused as a child which cause them to mutilate their genitals and masturbate in violent ways. Reply Report

pornaddictguy420 +3 points1370 days ago

lol haha he should drill his asshole too Reply Report
potent pervert

potent pervert +3 points1371 days ago

Looks like he has a menstruating cunt on bottom of his cock Reply Report
Bob Marley

Bob Marley +2 points1371 days ago

Did he slice his dick Reply Report

Hobo +1 points1370 days ago

You're going to the mental institution. Reply Report

ToolTime +1 points1372 days ago

Bosch, Makita and Hilti make a man happy... in many ways!
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ô_O   0 points1371 days ago

penis killer Reply Report

clare   0 points1311 days ago

Oh my god, what. What. Reply Report

opp -4 points1370 days ago

بصراحة ,, بجد بجد بجد ,,, لازم تسمعنى, وتقرأ رسالتى
اتقوا الله يا أيها الكرام -- أخاطبك يا حبيبى - نعم انت ! !أنت - ما فائدة نشر هذه الفديوهات - او الاستماع إليها - هل ترضى وتوافق ان يفعل ذلك فى أختك أو أمك - - قد تقول لى هذا تمثيل -- نعم حتى لو هذا تمثيل - هذا يجعل الشباب يفعل مثل هذا - فقد يفعله والله فى أمك أو أختك ,,,, وحدث ذلك بالفعل مع الشباب - يكون شابا هو السبب فى تعليم زملائه وأصدقائه مثل هذا ثم يحدث هذا فى عائلته -- وان قولت : انا كده كده ضايع : لا يا حبيبى اولا ان تركت وتبت من ذلك سيغفر الله لك ويرزقكك المال والنعم الكثير ,,,
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